Cinchbucks App Launched

Cinchbucks App Launched: Make Money From Your Smartphone (Complete Review)

Do you have a smartphone? Do you know you can make real money from your Smartphone? Yes, Now you can make real money from the Cinchbucks app. It is one of the best survey apps that will give you a good amount of money for sharing your valuable opinions.

Who are Cinchbucks?

Cinchbucks is a popular and leading GPT (get paid to) website, trusted by over 1 million happy users worldwide. It’s a part of Cinch Data Solutions Pvt Ltd. which is a trusted leader in collecting the opinions of consumers worldwide. It offers you free cash and gift cards for the things you already do online daily. You can earn CB’s points when you take surveys, watch entertaining videos, and complete easy tasks. After collecting specific CB’s (points), you can redeem them with PayPal cash, Payza, Visa and Mastercard, and a wide range of gift cards from your favorite retailers like Amazon and Walmart or etc.

Cinchbucks App:

Cinchbucks has officially launched its mobile application for smartphone users. Now, each and every smartphone user can easily make real cash and earn various exciting gift cards. The mobile app is perfectly designed for smartphone users. Its user interface is simply awesome. The Cinchbucks app has various opportunities to make money online. You can withdraw your money through PayPal, Paytm, Visa and Mastercards, and other various gift cards.

How to Install?

Installing the Cinchbucks app is very easy and simple. You can install the Cinchbucks app in two ways:-

Cinchbucks Official Website

You can easily download and install the Cinchbucks app by visiting its official website. You can redirect to the play store or app store and then you can install the app.

Search on App stores

You can also directly search for the Cinchbucks app in the search box of the app store. You can directly download and install the app from app stores.

How to Sign-up on the Cinchbucks App?

If you are already a Cinchbucks member then you can easily log in by sharing your previous log in detail. After the login, you can easily use the app. You can also see all the details like CB earned, payments, etc in the app.

If you are a new user then you have to sign-up by sharing a few details like your name and email address. After the successful login, you will be awarded free $5 by using the Cinchcode. Now, you can use the app and start making money.

How to make money on Cinchbucks App?

On the Cinchbucks app, you will find a lot of opportunities to make money. You can make your first 60 CB free just by finishing your profile and applying a signup promo code which I mentioned above. I recommend you complete your profile to get the best and more surveys. All of these opportunities are to help you get a head start on the cash and gift cards that you want to redeem. These are the following ways below by which you can make money on the Cinchbucks app:-

Paid Surveys:

Paid surveys are the best way to make money on the Cinchbucks app. It offers paid surveys through various popular third-party providers like peanut labs, your surveys, Cint, etc. This means that you will get a good amount of surveys here.

But, the number of surveys may vary from country to country. As per my Cinchbucks app review, you can earn up to 300CB’s in just 15mins. It may vary as per the location. But, one thing which I like most in surveys is that you can actually see how much you earn and the estimated time to complete the survey. It is very good to see such things to choose the best survey. You don’t have to complete a certain amount of surveys to become a permanent member. It totally depends upon your choice to take as many or as few as you want to.

When you go taking surveys then you have to first answer some questions to qualify for the survey. or are you the right user for the survey or not. It is very essential that answer them properly in order to qualify.

After qualifying the survey on the app, you’re all set to take surveys. You must make sure that you finish the survey to the very end of the last page. You will get your CB’s points instantly or within a few minutes after the successful survey.

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You can also make CB’s points on the Cinchbucks app through offers which you find on the Offerwall section. It offers access to various Offerwalls and has a wide selection of offers. You can collect points by downloading apps, signing up for free trials, participating in contests, and many more. It is a particular activity on different websites such as simply clicking on a banner on another website. The amount of reward depends upon the type of offers but on average you can earn up to 100CBs in 5 mins.

It is one of the best sections apart from surveys where you will find some really great offers. By doing different Offerwall tasks, you can really boost your earnings. Before, starting any surveys read the conditions carefully.

Cinchbucks Lifetime Referral Program:


Do you know you can earn passive income from the Cinchbucks app? It is one of the best and most paying sections. If you have some influencer power or a huge fan base then you can build a passive income from it. You can earn up to a 30% lifetime of what your referrals earn a lifetime. Cinchbucks offers a 30% lifetime referral program. You can make a constant monthly income by joining it.

Everyone seems to be obsessed with earning huge money for the least work In this digital era. There will always be some amount of work you have to do in order to make money online. If you want to make money while you sleep then a Cinchbucks lifetime referral program is an excellent opportunity for you. The more you refer to the app, the more you earn.

Watch videos:

Everyone likes to watch entertaining videos. You will get paid to watch videos on the Cinchbucks app. You can find various entertaining videos here. Also, you can find categories of videos like food, travel, etc. The videos are entertaining and easy to watch.

It is one of the easiest ways to earn CBs points. According to my Cinchbucks app review, you can earn 7 CBs for watching few-second clips. You can also watch a few advertisement clips to earn free points.

Play games:

The Cinchbucks app also pays you CB’s points for playing various online games.

Cinchbucks has a game section where you can play small online games. You can find ‘PLAY GAMES’ on the navigation bar. There are games within all kinds of genres.

If you like playing games, you can find a lot of games here. The earning of CB’s points are depends upon the time duration and score of the game played. It is one best option to make money by playing various games.


Cinchbucks app also offers cashback to its users by shopping through popular sites like Amazon, etc. You can get CB’s points when you purchase several products through the Cinchbucks website.

For example, If you buy Amazon products through Cinchbucks then you can earn up to 5% cashback. It is only valid if you purchase through the Cinchbucks website.

Final Note:

I am waiting for the Cinchbucks app for a very long time. Finally, it is launched. Thanks to the whole Cinchbucks team for making it available for smartphone users. If you have a smartphone then I strongly recommend you download the Cinchbucks app to make money online in your spare time. You can start making a passive income if you refer this app to various people. I am using the app since it launched and I really like its user interface and it’s very less in size. Click on the below link to download the Cinchbucks app.

cinchbucks app-

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