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48 METHODS To Get Free Amazon Gift Cards

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Amazon gift cards are among the best rewards for your web side hustles. And the very best part is that you could get free Amazon gift cards for almost any online activity including surveys, scanning receipts, and even selling your undesirable merchandise!

Even if you’re new to earning gift cards rather than cash, gift cards could be more valuable than money because you may apply the balance right to your Amazon accounts.

Amazon gift cards can be probably the most flexible gift cards because you can purchase anything from home essentials, Kindle ebooks, apparel, and even a flat-screen television if you choose.

If you’re a teenager or know of a teenager looking for extra cash, numerous of these sites accept users as young as 13 years.

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If you’re still too youthful to work beyond your house or need something effective to accomplish after classes, earning Amazon gift cards could be a great first-part hustle for teens.

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1. Cinchbucks (Recommended)

Cinchbucks is among the most flexible methods for getting free Amazon gift cards because you have a number of different methods to earn rewards points:

  • Online surveys
  • Playing games
  • Shopping online

As a new Cinchnaut, additionally, you will have the chance to earn a $1 sign-up reward that you could redeem for hundreds of cards including Amazon gift cards.

Another reason Cinchbucks earns a high spot on this list may be the low point requirements. Amazon gift cards can be found in denominations no more than $5. With other websites on the internet, you may have to build up at least $30 or actually $50 in benefits before you cash out.

Amazon gift cards periodically go on sale at Cinchbucks too; allowing you to redeem fewer points to get the next card even sooner.

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2. National Consumer Panel

Another way to get free Amazon gift cards by scanning receipts is with National Consumer Panel.

Once a full week, you scan the barcodes of all items you get with the smartphone app. If you don’t possess a compatible smartphone, National Customer Panel will send out you a handheld scanner.

You can also take internet surveys to earn bonus points. As a loyalty reward, NCP rewards you with an increase of points per scan by learning to be a long-term panelist by posting your buy history regularly.

You can redeem your points for Amazon gift cards, cash, or merchandise. As yet another bonus, additionally, you will get free money sweepstakes entries by scanning your barcodes too.

Head to National Consumer Panel

3. Survey Junkie

Maybe you just like taking online surveys for gift cards. When that’s the case, most Survey Junkie surveys require a quarter-hour or less of your energy as you talk about your opinion about customer brands, your daily practices, and almost anything else.

Once your rewards balance gets to 1,000 factors ($10) you can start redeeming your factors for PayPal money and Amazon gift cards. At this time, gift cards are only designed for U.S. panelists.

5. Harris Poll Online

Harris Poll is definitely a long-standing research company. In the event that you watch the news, you have most likely noticed Harris Poll cited in a respected news report. Maybe your tone of voice will be mentioned within the next poll to create national headlines once you feel like a Harris Poll panelist.

You will earn points for every completed survey that can be redeemed for Amazon gift cards. And, additionally, you will earn an entry into the Harris cash sweepstakes.

6. MySurvey

MySurvey lets you take internet surveys and polls from your own computer or mobile devices. Rewards points could be redeemed for Amazon gift cards and even more. Membership is available to U.S. occupants at least 16 years aged.

7. CinchDollars (Recommended)

CinchDollars is among the most flexible, and legit online methods for getting free Amazon gift cards because you have a number of different methods to earn rewards points:

  • Online Surveys
  • Offerwall

You will have the chance to earn a $1 sign-up reward that you could redeem for hundreds of cards including Amazon gift cards.

Another reason Cinchbucks earns a high spot on this list may be the low point requirements. Amazon gift cards can be found in denominations no more than $5. With other websites on the internet, you may have to build up at least $30 or actually $50 in benefits before you cash out. Amazon gift cards periodically go on sale at CinchDollars too; allowing you to redeem fewer points to get the next card even sooner.

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8. TopCashback

TopCashback can be an online shopping portal that provides a cashback about every online purchase you produce through their shopping portal in over 4,000 online shops. Unlike other cashback portals that have minimum reward thresholds, you can request an Amazon gift card regardless of your balance amount. By requesting an Amazon gift card, you also get yourself a 3% redemption bonus!

9. Survey Spot

Taking surveys with Survey Spot lets you redeem your factors for Amazon gift cards, iTunes codes, PayPal money, or frequent flyer miles. Additionally, you get an automatic entry into the quarterly $10,000 prize drawing for each survey you comprehensive. Membership is only available to U.S. citizens and it’s among the fastest methods for getting started.

10. Honey

Honey helps you cut costs every time you store online by automatically applying all known deals before you checkout. You can even make use of Honey to quickly discover the lowest cost on Amazon for the merchandise you need to buy by comparing price styles to current prices.

Now, there are ways to get free Amazon gift cards with Honey. By activating a HoneyGold buying session, you will earn benefits points for each purchase which can be redeemed for Amazon gift cards in $10 increments.

11. Promote Amazon Products

This notion takes some additional hustle but is among the few ways to earn residual income. By getting an Amazon Associate, you can earn Amazon cash by recommending products on your weblog or YouTube channels. When someone makes an Amazon buy through your referral links, you receive some of the sales.

It only takes ten minutes to create a weblog and earn Amazon gift cards indefinitely as people check out your site to find answers to their questions.

12. Gift Card Granny

By buying gift cards on Gift Cards Granny and reading Granny’s newsletter, you earn rewards points that can be redeemed for free-of-charge gift cards. Even though you don’t have sufficient points for a gift card, however, you can still purchase Amazon gift cards at a low cost to save lots of a few dollars.

13. Ibotta

Ibotta can be among the easiest methods for getting free Amazon gift cards because you don’t want to do anything extra besides activating gives and scanning your grocery receipt in any major grocery or low-cost store want Kroger, Walmart, and Focus on. You can get a cash return on specific brand products and any brand.

We use Ibotta every time we go to the supermarket and always save at least 50 cents. Whenever your stability reaches $20 you can demand payment by PayPal, Venmo, or gift cards. You will automatically earn $10 reward cash by redeeming your first gift card.

14. Sell on Amazon

Whether you wish to sell your undesired items or you want to flip items you get at local garage product sales or thrift stores, Amazon may be the largest online marketplace for new and used items. While you will get paid in money Amazon gift cards are another payment choice.

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15. Amazon Trade-In

get amazon gift cards

If offering your items as a third-party vendor on Amazon is an excessive amount of a hassle, Amazon is ready to purchase back your old tech products, video games, and books; even though you didn’t get them on Amazon. You mail your what to Amazon with a prepaid shipping and delivery label and they incentive you with Amazon credit!

16. Swagbucks

This is actually the first choice everyone thinks of and I wish to cover it today. You earn factors called ‘Swagbucks’ for doing almost everything, searching the internet, doing offers, watching TV, and even more. These can then be exchanged from Cash to consumer electronics and Yes Amazon gift cards.

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17. InstaGC

When I enrolled in InstaGC I did most of the site appointments for points. Now I really do more surveys hereafter than anything. This website has many methods to earn Amazon gift cards from registering for gift cards, visiting sites, surveys, hearing music, fantasy sports video games, and even more. As their name says the gift cards are INSTANT. You click redeem and so are given a code immediately. They do tend to go out of some code, therefore, I save up for the larger amounts. I simply cashed in another $25 gift card from them!

18. Grab Points

This is just a little lesser understand but still a similar thing as Swagbucks however it a much easier to make use of the site I think. I’ve cashed out for most free Amazon gift cards right here as well. I have a tendency to do my internet searching with Swagbucks and make use of Grab Points for his or her games and recently added radio to earn factors.

19. Gift Hulk

Gift Hulk is another seek-out point site. I really like using Gift Hulk because of their games and TV as well. They offer many key codes to redeem via email as well. Points are after that traded for stuff like Amazon gift cards

20. iRazoo

Ok, my first reason behind using iRazoo is they enable you to earn 3000 factors a day watching Tv (which may be on in the backdrop) and that adds up to a $5 Amazon gift card a day! In the event that you did that each day (though not many folks can!) you’d be earning $1,825 in just 12 months out of this one feature. It is loved by me! Use code J2PWZ5 when registering for bonus points.

21. Perk

Earn factors for watching movies, searching the web, playing games, and even browsing the web. You can generate $1 a day simply for turning on the video clips and forgetting about them!

22. Reward Shopping 

Receives a commission to play the lucky switch, stumble websites, and more.

23. App Down

Try applications and get rewards like gift cards. This is a simple way to earn Amazon Gift Cards.

24. AppKarma

Download the application and get paid to test a variety of different apps, games mostly, and get paid to take action. They also give badges that provide points for completing various things around the app. You trade your factors for PayPal payout or Amazon, iTunes, or Starbucks gift cards and they are adding more every day! Use my hyperlink and get yourself a bonus of 500 points.

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25. My Points

My factors have been around for a very long time. The biggest point with them is cash return shopping. They also do a whole lot of surveys for points. You trade your points for Amazon gift cards.

26. Amazon Mechanical Turk

It is certainly a niche site run by Amazon. You will not make a huge amount of money here average is approximately $4 an hour doing duties like categorizing photos and such. You could be paid to your money or even to your Amazon gift card balance. Min. payout is a mere $1.

27. Prize Rebel

That one is like Swagbucks, and Gift Hulk, you generate the same way! It is a GPT (get paid to) site that pays you cash and Amazon gift cards and other gift cards for doing different tasks.

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28. Opinion Outpost 

Views Outpost is a survey firm known for doing product assessments such as for example Kotex Pads and razors. The payout in many various ways and Amazon gift cards are one of these.

29. Viggle

With Viggle you get factors for checking in and viewing TV (ANY SHOW!) you get bonus factors for watching certain shows and today you get point for hearing the music too!

30. Check Points 

On this website, you check into regional locations for points. You may also watch videos for points. You can then trade those points in for a huge variety of gift cards including Amazon gift cards.

31. CashCrate

 Cash crate enables you to consider Surveys and do gives for cash. They are among the oldest company on the internet that is still around! You can even cash out for Amazon gift cards.

32. Card Kangaroo

Did your boss give you a gift card to a restaurant or store you never visit? Rather than collecting dust in your table drawer, trade your unwanted gift cards on Card Kangaroo. You may be able to trade them for Amazon gift cards.

33. EarningStation

If you have time every day to earn rewards points that can be redeemed for EarningStation, you may enjoy EarningStation a lot more than the other get-paid-to sites. You can earn a supplementary $3.50 by completing a number of tasks at least 10 consecutive times. The smallest Amazon gift card is $25 and may be shipped digitally or by mail.

34. Punchcard

Before you throw your paper receipts aside, have a picture of it with the Punchcard app. You will earn benefits points that can be redeemed for Amazon gift cards. For each and every six receipts you scan, you get yourself a free-of-charge spin on the prize steering wheel to earn a bonus reward.

Head to Punchcard:

35. Receipt Hog

Receipt Hog also enables you to scan receipts to earn benefits coins which can be exchanged for Amazon gift cards, PayPal money, or sweepstakes entries. You may also consider paid surveys when you’re not really uploading receipts to earn extra benefits coins.

Head to Receipt Hog:

36. Toluna

Toluna is another good-sized paid survey community that enables you to take surveys, test items, and connect to other Toluna community people to earn reward factors. While non-Amazon gift card benefits start at a $10 stability, the smallest Amazon gift card option is $50 causing this to be one of the most time-consuming ways to become rewarded with a gift card.

amazon gift cards

37. AppNana

Test apps and video games on your mobile phone or tablet and earn benefits points (nanas) which can be redeemed for Amazon gift cards or paid apps. The screening opportunities are often changing and you will uninstall the app following the trial period in the event that you don’t like it but still keep your factors. AppNana is designed for Android and iOS devices.

38. GlobalTestMarket

GlobalTestMarket is among the hardly any surveys sites that let international panelists take surveys for Amazon gift cards. Since 2016, associates have redeemed a lot more than $30 million in benefits by posting their opinion on customer brands, restaurants, automobiles, current occasions, and many other topics.

39. Microsoft Rewards

By building Bing your default internet search engine and creating a Microsoft Rewards account, you will earn rewards factors that can be redeemed for $5 Amazon gift cards. You can also consider daily quizzes and store them at the Microsoft Shop to earn additional rewards factors too.

Head to Microsoft Rewards:

40. TestSpin

Earn up to $600 a year in Amazon gift cards when you take part in TestSpin surveys and concentrate groups. Each survey will pay up to $10 and concentrate groups payout up to $30. You can redeem in $10 increments for Amazon gift cards and membership is available to multiple countries.

Head to TestSpin:

42. YouGov

YouGov enables you to answer questions about current occasions and consumer opinion polls. Amazon gift cards are among the many rewards choices and you could also earn 2,000 reward points by joining and allowing your tone of voice to be heard on the biggest media channels!

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43. American Consumer Opinion

Answer surveys, test items, and new advertising, and take part in focus groupings to earn points you may redeem for Amazon gift cards. The most profitable surveys pay up to $50 & most surveys only take ten minutes to total. Membership is open to the whole world, but you’ll only get a few survey invitations every year and it’s smart to join another survey site to regularly receive survey invitations.

44. OneOpinion

OneOpinion pays you factors for surveys that can be redeemed for Amazon gift cards. The minimum redemption necessity is a little high at $25 (25,000 points) however membership is available to the U.S., Canada, Western European countries, and Australia making OneOpinion mostly of the ways to get Amazon gift cards if you live outside North America.

Head to OneOpinion:

45. Recyclebank

Help protect the environment and become rewarded for recycling and studying sustainability with Recyclebank’s online learning modules. Amazon gift cards are now and again available as a reward furthermore to gift cards to local businesses.

Head to Recyclebank:

46. MobileXpression

If you’re okay with posting your mobile browsing background for market research, you may install the MobileXpression mobile application and earn rewards factors for your mobile browsing activity. You can redeem your factors for cash, gift cards, or merchandise. As an active user also offers you free entries into the weekly sweepstakes to earn cool prizes.

47. Valued Opinions

Valued Opinions will pay up to $5 per survey and you also receive a commission to open up sponsored emails. Amazon gift cards are among the many reward possibilities and the total amount will be used in your Amazon account within a day. Only U.S. occupants at least 13 years older can join Valued Opinions.

Head to Valued Opinions:

48. PanelPayDay

Earn up to $75 per survey with the PanelPayDay survey site. You won’t have the choice to earn Amazon gift cards as the payment technique is set by the survey provider, but you will still have lots of opportunities to get Amazon gift cards.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Who WILL GET Free Amazon Gift Cards?

Each rewards system has different membership requirements. Most of these recommendations can be found to U.S. residents; specific programs only offer Amazon gift cards to U.S. citizens and only offer money payments to international participants.

You might also need to be at least 18 years aged to join, but many of these suggestions also let teenagers at least 13 years aged join with parental consent.

How Long Does It Try to Earn a Gift Card?

Most activities only take a quarter-hour or less. Some applications work in the backdrop and prize you for your activity without additional effort required once you sign-up and install their application on your pc, phone, or tablet.

Can I Join the SEVERAL Platform?

Yes. If you have enough time, you can take part in all 42 suggestions to earn Amazon gift cards out of every single place. Theoretically, you can receive one gift card for every day of the month.

Are Amazon Gift Cards the Best Reward?

Since you can buy almost anything on Amazon, a gift card could be simpler to redeem than PayPal money or other gift cards. It’s likely that Amazon is normally your #1 choice for online shopping. Sometimes, you get a redemption bonus by getting a gift card rather than cash!

While you can spend PayPal cash practically anywhere online, you can skip a part of the redemption procedure by transferring the money from your own PayPal account to your money before you can pay to cover an Amazon buy. As soon as you receive your Amazon gift code, you can redeem it on Amazon and the amount of money is usually in your Amazon account prepared to spend.

Are Online Surveys the easiest method to Get Amazon Gift Cards?

That answer depends on everything you enjoy doing. Internet surveys are the most typical way to earn Amazon gift cards because you merely need 10 to quarter-hour at a time, however, they aren’t the only method. As you can tell out of this list, it’s feasible to earn Amazon gift cards for doing whatever you already do regularly.

You have to find the jobs that you love most and pursue them. From then on, join the internet site with the best payout per task or greatest redemption options to increase your effort.

What is the tiniest Available Gift Card Amount?

Some programs offer Amazon gift cards no more than $1, but others are often as high as $25. The common minimum reward amount for some applications is $5, and you generally don’t get a lower price for “banking” up to you factors for an increased award amount. Quite simply, you can pay 500 points for a $5 card and 2,500 factors for a $25 card; not really 2,000 factors for a $25 card.

Personally, I favor using platforms with smaller-sized balance amounts since it means I could cash out sooner and keep maintaining a constant momentum to getting a gift card regularly! If you don’t frequently go to a website, normally it takes almost a year to obtain a $25 gift card, and you’re much more likely to provide up rather than earning anything at all.

How Are Amazon Gift Cards Delivered?

Most Amazon gift cards are digitally delivered via email within 24 hours of your request. Some websites still have the choice to mail your gift card if you need a physical gift card instead.

End Notes:

Amazon gift cards could be more valuable than money because they’re highly sought after. The best time to begin getting your first Amazon gift card is TODAY! Whether you only need just a little extra spending cash or you intend to monetize a spare time activity, it’s never been simpler to get free gift cards.


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