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Blog UserTesting Review: Legit or Scam? (Get Paid To Test)

UserTesting Review: Legit or Scam? (Get Paid To Test)

User Testing Review

Today I’ll be reviewing the UserTesting website. With the help of this site, I can earn extra money each month. Unfortunately, it’s not something that makes enough money. This UserTesting review will show you all the aspects, defining the opportunity as “ earn a few extra dollars on the side,” and not an ultimate way to get rich.

First I did a UserTesting review, $50 or so per week seems like a realistic target, based on my experience. I’ve heard from other users with similar experiences. This UserTesting review is a helpful addition to anyone’s freelance earnings.

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UserTesting is an online program that provides companies to try out new websites and apps with real-life users.

Firstly, you have to install software on your computer or phone. It allows UserTesting to record your screen while you work through a sequence of tasks on a website or app. Companies then use this feedback to enhance their sites and operations.

Before I signed up to UserTesting as a tester (for the purposes of this UserTesting review). I had earlier felt the platform from the “client view” having used such tests on projects I’d worked on in the past. This made it especially exciting for me to see it from the other side. allows testers from various countries. To get allowed, you need to install their software and complete a test task. It doesn’t take more than ten minutes. You are allowed to test tasks at any time online once you’re signed up

It presents a sense to take this test task very sincerely as you can spoil it with background noise or distractions. I have listened to people who didn’t pass in the test task.

How Does UserTesting Work?

User testing review

Once you’ve completed the trial user test with UserTesting, you’re needed to complete a profile, including some basic details such as your age, gender, income etc. You also need to choose which devices you have access to, as this helps the platform know which tests to allow you.

Later this, it’s a bit of a waiting game. Test tasks are seen on your “Dashboard” when they are available. And it’s a case of taking them quickly before another tester does. You will also get email notifications.

Basically, there’s a small screening test to make sure you satisfy some criteria. Some of these are very particular, asking if you work in a particular industry, for example. On other occasions, it’s slightly less clear what the guidelines for acceptance are. Although, it doesn’t take more than a minute or two for this screening process. So it doesn’t feel like you’re losing too much time.

Once you’ve taken a test and are allowed for it, the screen recording begins. You perform the tasks using a simple interface, speaking all your thoughts out loud as you go. There are normally two or three brief written questions to complete at the end of the test. In terms of feedback, you are star-rated on some of the tests you perform and given an overall average star rating too. This performs into your eligibility for future tests. I’ve even had a couple of low ratings removed by the UserTesting team because they examined them unfairly given, which makes the system feel very fair on testers.


How Do I Join UserTesting?

UserTesting is free to join. If you are 18 and above and your country accepts PayPal payment, you can go ahead and create an account.

Once you sign up, you’ll then have to perform a short sample test as a tester.

If you qualify for the test they’ll send you an email confirming your successful registration, with a link to continue the registration process.

Next, you’ll use the link on your email to continue with registration. The next step is to download a screen recorder from their website that UserTesting will use to record your sessions and upload them to their servers.

Once you have installed the screen recorder, set up your microphone and go ahead and complete the test. A test could be them asking you to visit a specific website and give your opinion of it out loud. They’ll then record your session and utilize it to judge whether you pass to be a Tester or not.

If you pass the test you’ll get approved, and you can start making money as a Tester. They will then be sending you tasks straight to your email when they become available. You can also download the UserTesting app to perform tests on a mobile device.

So obviously there are a lot of actions required before you can earn money with If you want to avoid these types of conditions and still earn money, you can do that at sites like Cinchbucks –BEST SURVEY SITE IN 2019

How I Earn Money From UserTesting?

As discussed above, you earn money from UserTesting by trying out websites or apps identifying any problems or issues with them, and delivering your experience in using it. You get rewarded for each test you finished.

The test will usually have a twenty-minute recording where you will be describing your experience using the website or app.

You’ll basically just be expressing what you are doing on the website or app, for example, you’re clicking the About page but it didn’t work or you tried subscribing and it bought you to a different page instead.

You can even say that you’re having a hard time locating certain pages, or the website is too messy and cluttered. After the recording, you’ll need to answer the follow-up written questions.


You will be paid seven days after the completion via PayPal. The pay is normally $10, but there are smaller tests that will pay you only $3 and longer tests that will pay you more.

There will be cases where the client won’t be happy with the test and will request a refund. You won’t get paid for completing the test in this case. UserTesting promises, though, that this rarely happens.


Is UserTesting a Scam or is it Legit?

From all my experiences with UserTesting, I can say that it is not a scam, but a legitimate earning way.

UserTesting has also been in the industry since 2007, that’s 11 years. So you know this website is not just some fly-by-night opportunity that will scam you for details and move within a year or two.

The company’s longevity proves that it is doing something right with its business model to allow it to last long.


User Testing Reviews

UserTesting provides a good money-making opportunity for anyone who wants to make money online.

It provides a simple way for anyone with a microphone, a PC, and an internet connection to earn a little extra cash.

While it doesn’t provide a guaranteed income. As you are only sent tests that you qualify for, as you can see from this User Testing review. It does provide a great platform for earning extra money. If you are looking for opportunities to make even more money online, check out

If you do happen to still have any further questions or comments though that you feel I haven’t covered then don’t hesitate to leave them below & as always I’ll do my best to answer your queries as soon as possible.



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