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Cointiply Review: Is it legit or a scam? (Earn Free Bitcoins)

Cointiply claims that users can earn bitcoins for participating in their online surveys and offers. Is Cointiply really pay bitcoins? Is it a scam or is it the best chance out there when it comes to paid surveys? In this Cointiply review, your all doubts will clear.

I have used Cointiply thoroughly, and in this review, you will get all the details about what you can expect from this site, how much bitcoin you can make as a user, and if it is even legit, so you can easily find out if it worth to join or not.

Let’s get started with the Cointiply review in detail.

Table of Contents

  • About CointiplyJoin Cointiply
  • Make Money Through CointiplyPaid surveys
  • Offer WallsBitcoin Faucet
  • Watch Videos
  • View Ads
  • Play Games
  • Multiplier – Cointiplay
  • Mining game (no longer exists)
  • Referral Program
  • Some TipsValue of Coin
  • How much can I earn?
  • Redeem Earnings
  • Is Cointiply legit?
  • Conclusion

About Cointiply

Cointiply was founded in 2018. It is a reward site where users perform simple tasks in exchange for bitcoins. Cointiply is also a GPT site, similar to hundreds of other sites on the web. Basically, It pays through Bitcoins and has some exciting ways to increase your coins, hence the name Cointiply.

When you become a user, you will be able to make coins by practicing surveys, finishing offers, watching videos, playing games, inviting your friends, and more!

Join Cointiply

Cointiply has a simple and quick sign-up process. Firstly, you can visit the Cointiply Website and click on Register. Share your email address and create a password to register with Cointiply. You are now a member of Cointiply and explore the whole site.

Make Money Through Cointiply

There are various ways to make money through Cointiply. Here are some ways to make money:-

Paid surveys

Paid surveys are always a great way to make some extra money online as it is easy. Cointiply offers a lot of survey opportunities.

Surveys are not located in a survey section. You can find them in the “offer walls” section. Here you will find various walls that have several surveys and offers some of the walls also only have surveys.

Examples of Cointiply surveys

Cointiply has collaborated with many survey providers companies. So, it has many surveys to offer a wall to take. You will not qualify for all the surveys because it has third-party survey providers. Sometimes, you have to share your details again for the various offer walls

This all leads to a lot of survey opportunities here. The payout is average for the time spent compared to other survey panels.

Offer Walls

I have already discussed Cointiply has a lot of offer walls. You can not only see surveys here but you can make some extra money by downloading apps, signing up for free trials, signing up for contests, and many more. You can find amazing offers here that can increase your earnings. But always make sure to read the conditions.

In my opinion, the payout for the paid offers on Cointiply is low and you can usually find the same offers but for a higher reward by the best paying survey sites

Bitcoin Faucet

This is the popular earning option in Cointiply. It is a faucet, which means that you can receive rewards in the form of a satoshi, which is a hundredth of a millionth BTC, by finishing a small task. It is to fill out a captcha and then roll and get a number. The number determines the scope of your reward.

cointiply faucet rewards image

Reward table for the faucet

It is free to join and roll once per hour. You can win up to 100,000 points in one roll if you are lucky.

Watch Videos

It is the easiest way to make coins. You can watch videos via Smores,, or the Cointiply Video Ads. The best thing about it is that you can earn money passively even while you are not at your computer!

For every ad that appears between each video 3 points will be credited to your account. The payout for watching videos is very low, but it adds up over time.

View Ads

Viewing advertisements is also a way to make money in Cointiply. All you have to do is watch the ad for a few seconds to make 6 to 12 coins. Basically, there are not various ads available to watch but still an easy option to make money.

Play Games

cointiplay review- game

You can choose any game from a huge collection and earn 35 coins every time your activity bar fills up. I played this game many times. Unluckily, I lost more coins than I won.

I heard during my Cointiply review that there is a 68.7% chance of winning Level 1 and a 66.7% chance of winning each on other levels.

However, they do have a choice for the first 2 levels, which means the more you play, the more you lose.

Multiplier – Cointiplay

cointiply multiplier

In Cointiply, you can multiply your coins. First, you need to choose how many Coins you would like to wager from10 to 50,000.

Every time you choose the right target (red Gem cluster), you will earn the number of coins you wagered times the multiplier rate.

Every time you select the right target The multiplier doubles, so you have the potential to earn as much. You can end it at any level and get your wins or keep trying. You will lose everything if you choose the wrong target (red Gem cluster).

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Mining game (no longer exists)

Cointiply used to have its own mining game but In December 2018. This game was however shut down, as it was not sustainable and it was too costly for them to continue this game.

Referral Program

Cointiply’s referral program is good. You will make 25% of all your referrals faucet claims and 10% of your referrals offer wall earnings. You can refer to countless users by sharing your referral link on social media, etc.


Some Tips

Here are a few tips which I want to share with you.

  • Get a 1% loyalty bonus every day you log in to the Cointiply.
  • Get a 5% annual interest if you retain your earnings over 35,000 coins in your account.
  • Increase earnings by updating your Cointiply profile.

Value of Coin

You will get coins whenever you perform a task on the site. You can redeem it through Bitcoin or use it in the Cointiplay game. Currently, 10,000 coins are equal to 0.0002 BTC which value is 2.53 USD. The value of a Cointiply coin can increase or decrease over time depending on the Bitcoin price.

Therefore, there is a chance of winning as well as losing money due to market fluctuations.

How much can I earn?

I would say you can earn a good amount of money from Cointiply. Many of the earning ways will not give large rewards but can give a little extra. But if you merge the various earning methods and log in often to get the daily bonus, you can make some nice extra cash. It is also dependent on what approach you have executed for your operations.


Redeem Earnings

You can redeem your earnings through your Bitcoin Wallet directly (BTC and DOGE since Aug 2018) with a threshold of 1,00,000 coins and to your FaucetHub account with a threshold is 35,000 coins. There isn’t any transaction fee when you redeem your earnings.

Is Cointiply legit?

As per my Cointiply review, it is not a scam. You can trust the company now. You can redeem your earnings, either to FaucetHub or bitcoin wallet. Every time you redeem, it may take normally 24 to 48 hours. But you get the transaction ID directly from the payment page. Apart from all, it is a new platform. Right now, we can say it is a legit survey panel.



After my Cointiply review, I hope you have got a better perception. While I haven’t given you any strategy regarding optimizing your earnings, you have now a clear picture of what to expect on the site. And you have here what seems to be a good opportunity to make money.

Cointiply Review

The entire experience was good and the platform is simple to use. If you are looking for a platform to make some extra money and some small investment then Cointiply is one of them. You can check out the Cointiply if you want to earn some bitcoins.

Please, Let me know your opinions and experiences below with Instar Wallet or other survey sites. I would love to hear from you. Have a good day!


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