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Top Cint Survey Panel Sites [Updated 2020]

Cint is a technology research panel who gives software solutions for businesses, and individuals involved in market research companies.

Its headquarter is in Stockholm, Sweden. It has also offices in major towns across Europe, North Asia-Pacific, and America. They adhere to rigorous standards and certifications layout by various general market trends associations including ESOMAR,
CASRO, MRA, ARF, MRS, MRIA, AMA and AMSRO and have been in the extensive research business since 1998.

Cinchbucks is the best top cint survey site. It lets you earn points called CBs for completing paid surveys, offers, tasks and by referring others. CB can be redeemed in various methods including Paypal, Payza and various store gift cards amazon, visa and MasterCard, Starbucks, Wallmart and many more. They have also started to pay via bitcoin the latest online sensation. Invite your friends and family members and you can earn outstanding referral incentives. They have made millions in online rewards and them internationally available. Refer and earn method works for every country. The longer you stay on the panel the more points you will earn. Most panel members stay on our panel for many years.

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CinchDollars Surveys

CinchDollars let you earn points called cash for completing paid surveys, Cash can be redeemed in various methods including Paypal, gift cards for, and G-Codes. They have partnered up with cint to provide you the highest paid surveys. Most panel members stay on our panel for many years.

CinchDollars takes a very easy approach to their rewards program. There isn’t any ham-fisted stage system to cope with. Additionally, you’ll be made alert to what you’ll earn before trying a given survey.

Generally, survey length will range between 2-15 minutes. You will probably earn from $0.50 to $12 per survey, averaging around $3. The primary element in deciding your payout is usually the length of the survey.

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Crowdology is a market research company that gives cash to its users for taking paid surveys and sharing their opinions online.

Crowdology, run by UK company Viga, shares a London address with various other marketing companies including Next15, Agent5, and Bite Global.

It is an expert market research panel that works with leading brands that are looking forward to collecting useful information about how their users perceive the products and services they offer.

For this, Crowdology creates surveys that allow them to recollect information that they later give to these partner brands. This information will be opinions and cases that users like you are invited to share, and for this, you get paid.

The company claims that you can get paid up to $10 for every survey you finish. We will find out later on its true or not. What we know is that as soon as you enroll, you will be able to start taking surveys that are sent via email.

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clixense - Best Paid Survey Brazil

ClixSense is mostly a survey site, but it has also various other ways to earn. It is available worldwide and gives pretty good opportunities in most of the world. They have a good amount of different earning opportunities, a great daily activity reward, and they have a big amount of wall offers you can earn from.

It is fairly simple to use the panel. It has many payout methods you can choose from. They are Payoneer, Skrill, and Tango Card and has a threshold of $10.



MobRog - Best Paid Survey Brazil

Mobrog is very simple to use and offers a good amount of surveys. It has also a special site in French. Once you have signed up, you will get an email invitation for available surveys. So all you have to do is to click the link of available surveys to complete the surveys.

Sometimes, it can be a little difficult to get the surveys you qualify for but there are great chances if you click the link not too long after you receive the invitation. It has a threshold of $6.



Toluna- Best Paid Survey Brazil

Toluna is one of the best paid survey sites which offer cint surveys. It is a very user-friendly site. You have to just log in to the site to see available surveys. Normally, there are some of the surveys available per day. They pay good payouts compared to other survey sites.

Apart from taking surveys, you can also make extra money by designing content for the site and interacting with the other members. You can participate in free contests as well. The payout processes are good and easy.

It pays through PayPal, present cards, products and has a threshold of $10.

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Other Survey Sites Offer Cint Surveys?

There are over 1000 panels that are currently partnered with Cint as per the data available. Below are some of the most popular cint survey panels:

  1. New Cinchbucks
  2. CinchDollars
  3. Crowdology
  4. Clixsense
  5. Mobrog
  6. Toluna
  7. Surveyeah
  8. CFS Panel
  9. CFS Panel USA
  10. Opini
  11. Hiving
  12. Triaba
  13. Pollbuzzer
  14. Response Panel
  15. Worthyshout

How am I Get Rewarded for Taking Cint Surveys?

The rewards can differ on various survey sites, however, in general, you will be rewarded with cash. The minimum threshold will usually be around £8 & $8. As an alternative, some of the newer panels are offering Amazon vouchers/G-Codes when balances reach £10 & $12.50.

Cint OpinionHUB:-

OpinionHUB is a distinctive platform that is actually a marketplace where businesses come to create online groups of consumers, businesses and professional communities, which can be accessed by market researchers.

OpinionHUB has more than 15 million respondents across 65 countries. Its massive worldwide existence is mainly concentrated in Europe, THE UNITED STATES, and the Asia-Pacific. Over 1500 panels partner with OpinionHub (a number of these are shut communities possessed by big brands and businesses), and over 25,000 new users join every day. Daily, over 40,000 surveys are completed successfully and a huge selection of new projects are manufactured monthly.

If you experience issues with Cint surveys:-

If you’ve taken a Cint study via an online survey site (you should understand by seeing the Cint logo design), and experience problems, get in touch with Cint directly together with your inquiry. You can e-mail them at There is also a detailed FAQ on the website right here:

People’ Choice Best Survey Site 2018

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  1. Interesting review. I had by no means previously heard about cint survey sites and it appears legit and a great way to make supplemental income so I will definitely take a look.

    Do you know what type of offers you get in the united kingdom and Europe on there?

    I am extremely keen to join up but I remember that you said some areas don’t have many offers.

    How does the referral system work? Do I need a website or can i send the hyperlink to my friends?

  2. Hi Team,

    That sounds very interesting. Most importantly, I’m surprised, because in the beginning I thought it had been a scam thing because presently there are just so most of them and I’ve noticed a whole lot. But Cinchbucks & cinchdollars seems to become a cool thing. EASILY find time, I’ll go through the page more closely. I wish you all of the best,

    Chad F. Dunn

  3. Very informative, We wasn’t expecting so much quite happy with a lot of validity.
    One question, because you listed your top 10 survey Co’s, has there been a noticeable change?, in other words, is this list still mainly because current as because you last wrote it?
    I know there’s always a new company establishing here and there, what I also have a tendency to find is in the united kingdom the rankings seem never to take impact here. The U.S appear to have a business lead. I once believed Toluna is UK centered. Curious I guess.’

  4. Wow, it has been long since I heard of a legit survey site.Cinchbucks really did surprise me.

    I like the fact that there are so many avenues in which one can choose in order to earn rewards and the plus factor that Cinchbucks is free to join.


  5. Very valuable article!
    I started exploring the survey panels under Cint and came across your article and glad I did. They sound very legit and appear like a way I could at least get some gift cards and money to help with the holidays.
    Thank you so much for the superb evaluation.

  6. My favorites are CinchDollars and Cinchbucks. I’ve made over $300 with Cinchbucks, over $200 with CinchDollars mainly by completing surveys and watching videos, and from lifetime refer and earn.

    I just started Cinchbucks but I like that I get $3 per survey, test new products, and can cash out for as little as $3. I wish I could a living by doing things online 🙁 but it is a nice supplemental income.

  7. Totally agree with you on signing up for multiple sites to always have surveys to complete. I love Cinchbucks and it remains to be on top of my list. But will definitely give CinchDollars, eBates, and other sites a try! Amy to this great post!

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