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Top 10 Tips for Finding a Campus Job [Updated: Aug 2020]

Ready to begin a job search for that perfect campus job? Here are techniques for finding student jobs.

  1. Check your college’s job table. Many colleges have on-line databases where they list work openings for college students. Some have a particular section dedicated
    to on-campus jobs. Be sure you take benefit of these listings.
  2. Network with professors. If you do well in a course or possess forged a positive romantic relationship with among your professors, you can inquire if their academic division is employing an administrative assistant, or even if the professor themselves is searching for a teaching assistant or examination grader, for example.
  3. Brainstorm about what you should do. Consider what skills you have you could put to make use of on campus. Had been you a lifeguard in senior high school? Consider operating at your university’s health and fitness center, staffing the indoor pool. Do you have a summer work as a barista? Try functioning at your campus restaurant. Perhaps you have worked at a restaurant? Think about your college dining hall.
  4.  Think long-term. Not absolutely all on-campus jobs are simple to come by, but in the event that you put in the proper amount of planning and work, you could be able to land yourself a stellar position. For instance, although the hiring procedure to become resident assistant in a dormitory can be a prolonged one, the perks (free of charge housing, for instance) are enormous. Keep your eyes and ears open for these kinds of opportunities.
  5. Don’t ignore your resume. Because you’re looking for a work on campus doesn’t offer you an excuse to allow your resume slide. Treat the positioning as you’ll any formal job opportunity, and ensure that your resume cover letter and resume are spic and period.
  6. Check Craigslist and various other job searching sites. Sometimes, businesses post jobs that may not be directly from the university, but still happen on campus. For instance, corporate companies like Google, Crimson Bull and ZipCar frequently hire “campus ambassadors” to pass on the term about their product or providers on campus. Furthermore, advocacy companies like Planned Parenthood, the Human being Rights Campaign, and Greenpeace are only a few who hire students to flyer on university campuses.
  7. Set up your own flyers. If you are highly skilled in a specific subject, like physics or mathematics, or in case you are bilingual and in a position to tutor students who are going for a foreign language, you may be able to put these talents to use. Consider adding a flyer of your to advertise your skills.
  8. Stop by Career Solutions. Your college’s Career Solutions is a valuable resource that you need to definitely take advantage of. Not only can any office help you tidy up or craft an absolute resume, but they will also find out about the occupations on campus.
  9. Don’t be scared to ask, “How’d you obtain your job?” Make utilization of your peers. For those who have any friends who focus on campus, see if presently there are any openings at their workplaces, and if indeed they can connect you with a supervisor or supervisor who be willing to check out your resume. In the event that you see an acquaintance operating somewhere you would like to work – just like the campus Starbucks, for instance, or in the eating hall – don’t be scared to ask if their place of work is hiring.
  10. Don’t ignore those cork boards. From the campus pupil center, to dorms and eating halls, there are lots of places where people set up flyers. Sometimes, these could be advertising open up positions on campus, so be sure you take a gander next time you walk by.

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