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Fun-Surveys Guide to Joining Survey Panels that pay Cash

Looking for real online survey panels that pay cash?

If you love taking online surveys for money from your computer, then check out some of the companies listed below that are always looking for panelists to take online surveys from home.

survey panels that pay cash

Everyday companies pay big bucks just to know what people like you are thinking.

They are eager to understand how you think while shopping and why you buy certain products.

After completing the survey you get paid by cash, PayPal, gift cards, or other rewards.

Feel free to sign up on as many survey panels that pay cash as possible to maximise your earning potential.

Lets start with joining the survey panels that pay cash:

1: Choose a survey panels that pay cash to sign up

You can finish the below set of instructions with as many survey websites as you wish.

The first step is to choose one to begin with, towards the end of this post we will be using CINCHBUCKS as an instance, if you have not yet signed up with it yet why not follow these instructions with CINCHBUCKS?

CINCHBUCKS has lots of high paying regular online surveys and a low minimum withdrawal of $10, so you could be making in no time.

People’ Choice Best Survey Site 2018

2: Make sure the survey website is available in your country

This is not always a crucial step, based on which nation you live in you may want to be skeptical of whether the survey panel accepts users from your country or not.

In some cases you will need to make sure that the website you are signing up to is the one for your nation.

3: Always Complete your profile first

This is foremost important point. Once you have selected a website to sign up to, next before anything else you should make sure that you have filled up all available places of your profile precisely, check your email for any verification links,

Nearly all customer survey websites depend on the details in your user profile to send you any survey invitations at all.

If you have an unfinished profile then you will drop out on a lot of possible survey opportunities, make sure you are fully set up.

4: Make sure emails are not going in SPAM:

Even though you might have notifications set up, you may still find that you do not get new surveys or any other emails.

This is generally because your email account wrongly sends the survey websites e-mail to your SPAM folder. Remember,

This is not always the email you use for helpdesk survey support, for instance support might be: “” The email surveys are sent from might be: “”

Make sure that you find the right email, this can usually be found in their FAQ, Always remove them from your SPAM list.

It may seem clear but making sure you get the right updates can often be ignored.

Usually new surveys will be sent straight to your email inbox, however some survey websites will require you to specify this in your settings.

You may find an option like “Survey Frequency Per Week”. Please make sure to attempt the survey as soon as you get it to avoid “quota full ” Fails.

5: Take your first survey & Complete, Save the site or Bookmark it.

Depending on the survey panels that pay cash you sign up for you may get a survey invitation as soon as you have registered and completed your profile.

When you get your first survey finish it as quickly as you can. Survey websites like active and responsive users,

Please make sure to attempt the survey as soon as you get it to avoid “quota full ” Fails.

This comes down to your personal preference however I like to bookmark each survey website that I join.

7: Become familiar with the survey website

Once you have signed up, completed your user profile and your first survey, the next step is to become acquainted with the survey website, learn how it works and all of the possibilities available.

You may want to read their FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS to learn how their points system works for example (CBs in case of Cinchbucks).

Take a look around the website for any opportunities such as sweepstakes, refer and earn section etc.

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8: Join their social media profiles to stay Updated all the time.

This is not an important step, however it is a great idea for getting the latest offers and notifications on the website.

You may even find extra info you did not already know about, such as additional ways you can earn points, or special promotions that you can take advantage of.

In some cases you may even receive unique invitations to some online surveys, focus groups or product tests, just for being a social fan.

You don’t want to join several panels at once and get lost and confused!

For the best earnings we recommend that you join 5-10 websites to start with, if you repeat this process each time you should be off to a great start every time.

Putting it into practice

We are now going to put the whole process into practice with CINCHBUCKS .

CINCHBUCKS is popular for its fast payments, direct to your PayPal or Payza account or also you have the option to redeem for gift cards.

It’s extremely trusted panel with regular surveys and lots of unique offers! Different methods to earn with CINCHBUCKS Include:

  • Online surveys
  • WATCH Videos
  • Refer & Earn
  • Multiple Offers from Offerwalls

Other important points to remember:

1: Creat a Paypal and Payza account (its a must):

Most survey businesses pay by PayPal or Payza, it’s the fastest, easiest & most safe way of cashing out your revenue with paid surveys sites so you should absolutely consider having an account.

Some survey websites do not use anything at all other than PayPal so you may find that you cannot withdraw your earnings with those websites.

SIGNUP for PayPal/

SIGNUP for PayZa/

2: Download FREE auto-filling Addons or Plugins for your browser:

Search for auto fill forms Chrome/Mozilla/IE and you will find precisely what you need, for example here is what works great for Google Chrome. you can also use roboform of course

3: Create a new folder in your email account:

On the left hand side of Gmail/Outlook/Live/Hotmail for example you will see an option to create a new folder.

There should be the same option in other email providers too. Name it as surveys and use it for all survey related email communications.

Perks: Outlook will let you know whenever you have unopened emails in any of these folders, so you can see as soon as you have a new invitation or important email, and keep yourself organised.

You then need to create rules for each folder, under outlook when clicking on your newly created folder you will be invited to create a rule.

On the left make sure that the condition is set to “Sender Contains”, and then enter the email address for that survey website. (Once you have chosen a website to sign up come back to this step to fill the email address in)

On the right set the action to “Move to” and then choose the folder for that survey website. In this case CINCHBUCKS I recommend.

Once you have done this website, you are ready to get began!


People’ Choice Best Survey Site 2018

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