Paid surveys for teens [Updated: 2020]

Paid surveys for teens how does it work?

It is feasible for teens to get paid taking surveys, so we here at funsurveys have finally made it feasible to find genuine teen survey sites reviews on our website.

Businesses Use Online Surveys to Look for Teens’ Advice

There are numerous companies interested in recognizing the thoughts and views of their customer target audience. More often than not these businesses want to know what teens think about their products and solutions. These businesses may include toy producers, popular chain business owners, tv stations etc. These businesses are keen for young adults to take part in teen surveys. Young individuals know what is hit and well-known and can help a battling company accomplish better.

Businesses carry out teen surveys so that they can make developments on their product. It is easy for a product to become out-of-date and the least difficult solution is to ask teens what they think would make the product cool again.

Teenagers have long held a big impact in homes, and with their rise in throw-away income over the years, their views is priceless.

Survey panels for teens

Because of their power in the marketplace, businesses want to find out more about what teens think about their products and solutions, so they hire market research businesses to survey them. These market research firms often run online survey panels, which are effectively search people who have agreed to take surveys online who are provided the chance to take online surveys in return for incentives.

Common Surveys

Most teen surveys are carried out on the internet. Teens as young as 13 may log onto the web, find a survey panel they are interested in and take a quick survey about their views. Many online studies may want proof of adult consent. This common teen surveys online procedure is needed only to make sure that teens’ details is guarded and that they are not being fooled. After this quick step a teen may begin their survey.
Taking part in an online survey is very secure.

The typical online survey takes 10 to 20 minutes. From this short time survey sites can find out what teens want. Hundreds of teens take part in these easy teen surveys each day.

The Rewards of Participating in an Online Survey

By producing their viewpoints known in teen surveys teens can improve a company’s products and solutions. This is not the only advantage from an online market research. It is common for a business to pay the people who take their customer survey. Individuals in teen surveys have won gift cards, products and even large quantities of cash. It is feasible to earn good amounts of cash just by taking and doing one of the many teen surveys.

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Why no surveys for kids under 13?

In the world of market research, a teenager is typically defined as a person who is between 13-18 years old

The reason behind this: COPPA. COPPA is the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act that is enforced by the FTC (Federal Trade Commission in the USA) that provides strict conditions on how info for children under the age of 13 should be collected and dealt with. If info is not handled properly, ınternet sites can be given heavy fines. Because of these stiff rules, the huge majority of market research businesses don’t bother trying to directly recruit kids to join their panels, as full compliance can be hard.

It depends on the region, but we consider the age limit would be 15 and over in Europe (subject to ESOMAR guidelines) and 16 and over in the UK (subject to MRS recommendations). Now we are not sure what the US recommendations are (from CASRO) but it is probably identical.

Even for teenagers, parental authorization may still be required

Bear in mind that even though some survey websites allow teen membership, many will still require parental approval. a parent may be still be required to provide authorization via a form, in order to give their teen full approval for their involvement as a subscriber of a survey sites.

Some best survey panels who provide online surveys for teenagers are:

Minimum age : 13
Signup for Cinchbucks Surveys

Minimum age: 14
Signup for MySurvey

Minimum age : 14
Signup for GlobalTestMarket

Branded Surveys
Minimum age: 13

Minimum age : 13

Minimum age : 16

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