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NameCheap Shared Hosting Review w/ Pros & Cons (2018)

With plenty of web hosting companies, it’s hard to create a choice. Sometimes, picking one at random appears as good an idea as any. But you can do better than that. In this post we analyze NameCheap to help you determine if it’s the right choice for your website.

namescheap review
NameCheap is an independent domain registrar founded back in 2000, with the net hosting option approaching online in 2007.

NameCheap’s website showcases a couple of various kinds of web hosting, including, shared enviroment, VPS hosting, reseller hosting, dedicated servers, and managed WordPress hosting. A number of packages for a company therefore not used to the hosting game.

NameCheap Domain Name Search

One thing that sticks out about NameCheap is usually its independence. A whole lot of budget hosting businesses are actually owned and managed by a small number of the same corporations. This independence offers allowed them to craft unique brand ideals and also stick to them. Meaning no hidden charges, transparent prices and renewal structures, no upsells, along with having an extremely straightforward and honest product.

We know this doesn’t speak right to the quality of the support, but with so a great many other hosting businesses hiding behind complex vocabulary, pricey renewals, and hidden costs, it really is a breath of oxygen.

NameCheap offers a seamless changeover from investing in a domain name to simple, quick hosting.
Beyond its straightforward method of doing business, where does it excel actually? Well, it’s a good bargain-hosting service, along with amazing backup and security plans, combined with the super impressive 100% uptime assurance. I think that is clearly a great place to start.

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NameCheap Review

When you imagine of NameCheap, hosting is just about the farthest thing from your own mind. NameCheap is commonly referred to as a domain registrar, but have been secretly offering solid beginner-friendly hosting for days gone by 10 years. Think about NameCheap as an all-in-one website answer, buy your domain, web host your site, and buy any required add-ons, all in a single place.

Despite a few hosting disadvantages, NameCheap shines in its dedication to providing a transparent, simple to use hosting services. All while bundling high quality upgrades like backups, advanced protection, and datacenter choice into most of its hosting packages.

Undeniably Accessible Hosting
NameCheap’s shared enviroment is hard to beat. That is doubly true if you’re currently using it as a domain name registrar. Rather than searching all over for a budget-friendly host simply click over a tab and join the shared hosting.

A whole lot of budget hosts adhere to a single kind of hosting to provide their customers. But, far from only concentrating on a single kind of hosting NameCheap offers 5 different alternatives: shared, VPS, reseller, devoted, and handled WordPress hosting. The easiest hosting option, shared enviroment, is by far among the cheapest shared enviroment plans available.

NameCheap Hosting Plans

Usually when you join hosting you have to prepare to carefully turn down countless upsets almost all while navigating a complex subscribe process. But, registering with NameCheap is an extremely simple and even enjoyable procedure.

As soon as you subscribe you’ll receive an email together with your login credentials and may navigate to your dashboard, or view a guided tutorial going for walks you through your complete account.

The backend is quite intuitive and simple. All you see is everything you paid for and your options required to manage your site.

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NameCheap hosting backend

It might not appear like a large deal, but when you’re just beginning online navigating your hosting environment’s backend could be a very confusing and frustrating procedure. Having a lovely backend dashboard goes quite a distance towards removing that stress.

If you know you would like your site to perform on WordPress, then you’re in luck. NameCheap has released its own edition of maintained WordPress hosting dubbed EasyWP, and yes, using and establishing your site is really as easy as the name implies.

It’s not the innovative type of managed WordPress hosting out there, but what do you anticipate at such a budget-friendly cost? Its main goal is to assist you deploy a WordPress site in the quickest manner feasible.

Overall, managed hosting gives a hassle-free environment to create your desired website. It is critical to prioritize:

Encounter: having extra help drastically enhances your current journey as a webmaster. Having a specialist with you will guarantee a smooth encounter.
Simple Set-Up: support is always important when assembling your site. Managed hosting presents extra support, making queries faster and easier to be answered.
Protection: managed WordPress hosting features extremely useful protection tips and equipment, utilizable upon any protection breaches, alternatively prevention.
Maintenance: managed hosting often gives server-side applications and applications to aid with site maintenance.
Optimization: while minimal in the beginning, optimization is an essential scalability factor for developing websites.
You can go from having no website to presenting your own WordPress site within a half hour. Because of managed hosting, you don’t need to deal with any specialized elements of establishing your hosting either. You don’t need to cope with cPanel, your DNS information, or anything else. Controlling, updating, and site back-up is usually dealt with through the EasyWP panel.

Managed hosting is usually a lifesaver for newbie webmasters – it’s an extremely recommended option.
EasyWP is a good addition to NameCheap’s hosting deals, which is equally simple to use for beginner WordPress users.

Solid Backup and Security Options
It’s easy to just forget about backing up your website and keeping it secure. It’s wise to perform your own backups irrespective, but with the an incredible number of things required to create a website, it’s simple to forget. That is why it’s great to possess NameCheap’s backups as a back-up.

The backups currently run twice weekly, whatever the hosting package you choose. Typically, that is an add-on assistance, or the backups are very limited. But, NameCheap’s backups are incredibly in-depth.

So, what about maintaining your site secure?

Well, NameCheap’s got you protected too. The protection credentials offered are pretty amazing. In conditions of its server set up, there are numerous firewalls safeguarding the server infrastructure. In addition, its systems are routinely examined and upgraded to the most recent security standards.

On a sitewide level, you can protect your website in additional ways as well. In your cPanel, you’ll see a few different security applications – you can install to strengthen the security of your site.

NameCheap Apps

Setting up these applications is a great method to take the next phase in site protection. You can do things like:

Use the IP blocker device to prevent troublesome IP addresses from accessing your website
Use HotLink protection to avoid another site from directly linking to a graphic hosted on your server, which could use a whole lot of your bandwidth
Use Leech Protect to raised manage user passwords, and reassign or suspend compromised accounts even
Setting up an SSL certificate on your own site is another solution to improve your site’s protection, and even build rely upon the eyes of these potential customers.
However, the SSL certificates aren’t included in the hosting deals. It’s something you should have to purchase separately. Nevertheless, it must be noted that sometimes NameCheap runs specials that add a free of charge SSL certificate when you join an account.

NameCheap’s Incredible Uptime Guarantee
It’s incredibly rare for a bunch to guarantee that your website will be up 100% of that time period. Most host’s best out at around 99%, making NameCheap’s shared enviroment incredibly unique. For all of those other plans, the uptime promise tops out at 99.9%. Essentially, in the event that you host with NameCheap your website will always be online.

But, not merely is your uptime guaranteed if a site does happen to decrease gleam compensation package. These deals are a lot more human-oriented than how many other hosts provide.

Datacenter Locations
NameCheap is section of the small band of web hosts that provides a choice of datacenters, whichever hosting package you finish up choosing. Typically, with newbie hosting packages you finish up getting trapped with whatever datacenter is obtainable. In conditions of NameCheap, the selection can be quite advantageous and help to increase your website for several portions of your traffic.

The datacenters are situated in THE UNITED STATES and Europe in places that are traffic centers. This widespread of places helps to ensure a good global reach, and focus on users who might receive a big proportion of traffic from beyond your US.

Whenever choosing a datacenter location make certain you’re choosing the positioning that’s closest to your site visitor’s, not really your actual location. Therefore, if you are based in Utah, but the majority of your traffic comes from France and UK, then select the datacenter that’s UK-based.

Always pay attention to most of your visitors’ location!

Room for Improvement
Even with the features over, NameCheap isn’t without drawbacks. Actually, some of the flaws highlighted below might actually finish up being deal breaks for certain types of users. Here are a couple of reasons you may want to consider utilizing a different host.

Money Back Guarantee
There is a money-back guarantee, however the timeframe is incredibly short.

As it currently stands, the guarantee only gives you 14 days to check the service before refund policy is up. Most hosts who offer comparable services offer at least thirty days, some actually range as high as 3 months.

However, if you are registering for the cheapest shared enviroment option, then you won’t finish up losing out on very much in the event that you cancel following the 14 day period.

Limited Shared Hosting
The basic shared enviroment plans are rather limited, especially when compared to additional hosts of the same caliber.

Depending on the strategy you select you will see caps across your disk space, a true number of domains, databases, and accounts email addresses. There’s an excellent chance you may hit against the caps in short order.

For example, if your website is very media-rich, then you may have to upgrade your plan rather in early stages in your sites life. There are multiple caps positioned on each tier of hosting you could hit for a number of purposes.

NameCheap Features – Behind the Scenes
NameCheap utilizes the vintage cPanel for hosting account administration. Since it’s probably the most generally utilized control panels in the globe, you’ve probably run into it before. Or at least a variation of it.

NameCheap Security

The environment is just a little customized and well organized. I’ve used cPanels previously which have an outdated UI, that makes it hard to find what you are considering. NameCheap’s cPanel, like another facet of its service is extremely well-designed.

Searching for the app you are considering via the very best search bar, or flick through the control panel and select your desired app. For most of the essential hosting accounts you’ll have usage of the following:

  • Google Apps
  • NameCheap SSL management
  • Softaculous app installer
  • The support knowledgebase
  • File manager and FTP
  • Backup access and Management
  • Addon and subdomain management
  • Domain redirects.
  • The right-hand side of the dashboard gives you a snapshot of your current account usage also. This is often helpful in determining whether it’s time to upgrade your accounts.

For managing your hosting account, inputting support requests, and looking after billing you’ll be using the overall dashboard. This will provide you with a snapshot of your present hosting subscription, and also domain information if you are using NameCheap for domain administration as well.

Customer Support
Customer support could be a hard thing to guage accurately. You can find a speedy request 1 day and the next need to wait a couple of days for your concern to be solved. Looking for reviews online doesn’t generally help a whole lot either as you’ll typically look for a combination of glowing reviews and similarly scathing ones.

NameCheap Chat

With NameCheap, there are many support choices, like live chat and a helpdesk. However, there’s no phone support available. If you ask me, coping with live chat for a straightforward request was extremely speedy and I experienced the issue solved within a half hour. Issuing a support demand via the helpdesk took just a little longer to respond and repair the issue, but it was still looked after during the working day.

When looking forward to a live-chat response, show patience. There might be a waiting time, although brokers have a tendency to reply rather quickly.
Overall, the support is effective but doesn’t win any kind of awards for its speed. Another thing to bear in mind is that I was using one of the basic plans. There is priority support obtainable, but that’s reserved for the bigger levels of service.

Do you prefer this Host?
If you’re searching for a beginner sponsor, but feel just like you’re going to come across the plan limitations in short order, then consider using HostGator. They provide cheap pricing and competitive newbie plans, all without the considerable caps.

If money isn’t the primary factor in choosing a bunch, consider InMotion then. The plans are a little pricier, but with that, you will be getting improved overall performance and wider group of features. All covered in a beginner-friendly environment.

Lengthy SSL Set-Up
If you are selling products online or worried about site security, you are going to want to set up an SSL certificate. A whole lot of hosts bundle SSL certificates and make setup easy.

However, with NameCheap, you may run into difficulty actually obtaining the certificate setup, as well as paying yet another fee.

Resource Limits
The ultimate area where NameCheap could improve is elements of the performance.

There are resource caps that are put on the hosting packages, however the server environments too. In the event that you run a small internet site, you then probably won’t have a concern.

Should you have a more substantial site that will require more memory, in that case your site will load slowly and also have decreased performance per the limitations of the server. This, of program, is avoidable by choosing a better hosting package.

These might not arise as issues for each NameCheap user, especially those that run smaller sites and so are just getting started online. Clients with bigger sites could come across limitations right out from the gate.

The main one area where NameCheap could greatly improve is by reducing the full total number of caps per plan or offering plans that better focus on different versions of shared enviroment users. Possibly an extended money-back guarantee of an extra fourteen days? Maybe I’m simply being greedy.

Benefits and drawbacks of NameCheap

As an instant summary, let’s check out the pros and negatives of NameCheap as a bunch with a number of functional packages.

NameCheap Pros

  • Datacenter options for all hosting packages
  • Money-back guarantee is too short
  • SSL certificate setup could be difficult.
  • Is NameCheap Right FOR YOU PERSONALLY?
  • NameCheap is a good budget hosting choice. It isn’t without its flaws, but also for a particular kind of webmaster who’s more worried about price, than plan limitations, after that it’s worth looking into. It’s hard to defeat the prices on the beginner packages, and the concentrate on security and included backups is a really nice touch.
  • Incredibly cheap starter shared enviroment
  • Cheap and simple to use WordPress managed hosting.

NameCheap Cons
Hosting plan caps could be confusing and limiting

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