“Liquid Web” Reviews (May 2019) – Why 4.5 Stars?

Liquid Web Manages Everything, AND THAT MEANS YOU Don’t Worry

The beauty of Liquid Internet as a hosting provider is that not merely will they host your brand-new website, but they’ll look after all the behind-the-scenes logistics of running it.

Owned privately, US-Based, Fault-Resistant Network
Liquid Web includes a redundantly built, multi-tiered network with 4 datacenters based out from the US (plus one just around the corner to Amsterdam). They take benefit of all the latest systems in the marketplace, but most uniquely, they personal all of their hardware. By owning instead of leasing, they have significantly more control over your options they can provide their clients.

Guarded Simply by The Sonar Monitoring™ Team
Liquid Web’s servers are heftily and proactively guarded beneath the watchful guard of the Sonar Monitoring™ team. These people are trained to constantly study server statuses and notice problems before they affect you, resolving complications quickly and quietly; you won’t even understand these disaster avoidance ninjas are at work.

Guided Simply by The Heroic Support® Team
Should disaster strike or queries come up, you are never alone. Within a few minutes, you can be at risk with an extremely trained Heroic Support® technician who’ll be well-outfitted to walk you through any hosting problem. These associates were mentored by experts, most are now Red Hat certified, and most of them uphold the Heroic Guarantee to become totally transparent and there for you personally. The Liquid Web Best Work Support policy means they’ll make an effort to help any way they can, even if it needs work beyond their traditional services.

Fully Managed Hosting Solutions
Liquid Web has three primary tracks for managed hosting, excluding their latest managed WordPress solution, and they provide varying degrees of administration for his or her servers (e.g., completely managed versus self-managed). You pay a little of a premium for managed hosting, but the satisfaction you enter exchange is priceless.

You Look after Your Business, They’ll Care for the Rest
With Liquid Web overtaking the infrastructure management, you’re absolve to concentrate on what really matters: your articles and/or your customers. Customers can simply install popular blogging software and eCommerce tools through the ever-popular and easy-to-use cPanel. Users obtain unlimited email accounts, secure access with SSH, and really fast page loads because of SSD storage.

Services Consistently Recommended By Clients
The hard-to-beat support that Liquid Web offers with their customers has been raved about by users, as evident by their regularly high NPSs (Net Promoter Rating: the likelihood of a customer recommending a product/service to a colleague). The devoted Heroic Support® team and equally dependable uptime rates, not forgetting amazing, custom technologies, all interact to yield such customer compliments (NPS of 68 in 2014).

State-of-the-Art VPS & Storm® Cloud Platform
Liquid Web’s VPS hosting is usually arguably among its most noteworthy solutions. Whether you fully want, core-, or self-managed service, they offer all the versatility and power you need.

Powerful SSDs with RAID Protection
SSD power comes standard upon all Liquid Web VPS programs, this means less latency and more protection with RAID protection. VPS users also obtain Liquid Web’s in-house-constructed Storm® Firewall for added reassurance.

Daily Billing & Easy Scaling
VPS users can certainly scale up and down, create and deploy server situations, and only pay (even each day) for what they make use of. With instant provisioning, API gain access to, and real-period server monitoring, you should feel assured in a Liquid Internet VPS.

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Liquid Web Features

Shared Plans
Liquid Web provides many shared hosting plans, including Regular, Webmaster, Professional and Semi-Dedicated, based on their clients’ needs. Each one of these programs offers features like unlimited email accounts, cPanel control panel, SSH secure shell access, backups nightly, and full management providers and support 24 hours, seven days a full week.

The differences in they are the quantity of disk space, transfer bandwidth, names of domain and other features. For instance, the Standard plan gives five gigs of SSD disk space, 240 gigs of transfer bandwidth, and two free names of the domain; while the Webmaster edition provides users 20 gigs of SSD disk space, 400 gigs of transfer bandwidth and three names of domain for free.

The Professional version adds free standard SSL certificate n, along with 40 gigs of SSD disk space, 640 gigs of transfer bandwidth, five free names of domain and a dedicated Ip and the semi-dedicated, which may be the most robust deal, offers guaranteed RAM and CPU, along with 40 gigs of SSD disk space, five free names of domain, free standard SSL certificate and a dedicated Ip.

The high cost for these services is really as follows:

Standard – $14.95/month.
Webmaster – $19.95/month.
Professional – $24.95/month.
Semi-Dedicated – $40/month.

Liquid Web Performance & Uptime
Uptime may be the backbone of your site getting accessible or completely useless. When your site is down this implies it’s offline and you can’t view your site. I have had issues with hosts like MochaHost, HostNine, GoDaddy, etc. that didn’t possess the most reliable uptime. With Liquid Internet they employ a solid SLA agreement. They guarantee that your site will be up 100% of that time period. If your site goes offline they will credit your account 10X.

From the extensive study, I have done and my very own personal encounter with Liquid Web has excellent uptime. Webmasters possess reported that they are extremely dependable.

Liquid Internet uses SSD hard disks. State of the artwork data centers. The most recent hardware to handle their “Storm” platform.

Research shows performance is fantastic.

Liquid Web Customer Support
How great is their support? Epic! Probably, I should say “heroic”.

Support with Liquid Internet is named “Heroic Support”. They screen the common time it takes to allow them to reply. Helpdesk requires 30 minutes. This is considerably faster than Hostgator. Live chat will take 59 mere seconds. Phone support takes 59 seconds. If indeed they miss their mark they’ll pay you 10x the total amount they missed it by. This is a credit back. Says this as their Heroic guarantee.

VPS Plans
At Liquid Web, you additionally have the decision of managed VPS or Virtual Personal Server hosting, and each one of these plans offers a shared environment, completely network uptime, and a guaranteed fifty percent hour response rate to complications. Plus, you may get: cPanel, five terabytes of outgoing bandwidth, the capability to pay for only everything you make use of and get daily bills, usage of API, easy resizing and cloning, free incoming bandwidth, easily update or downgrade your services, free firewall, instant provisioning, capability to both produce and deploy server images, real-period monitoring and RAID protected SSD VPS.

Liquid Web currently offers 10 different VPS plans. You may get from 1 GB – 512 GB of RAM, 50 GB – 1800 GB of SSD storage space, and 1 – 24 primary CPU’s. Their charges for their VPS programs are from $60 – $2,500 monthly. You do get yourself a free SSL certificate, and domain name for a year once you subscribe with their VPS plans.

Cloud Plans
With Liquid Web Cloud support you get yourself a free firewall, instant provisioning, the capability to create and deploy server images, real-time monitoring, RAID protected SSD VPS, combined with the capability to downgrade or upgrade solutions, API abilities, differ from VPS and dedicated, SSD for high-performance hosting, and included bandwidth.

Liquid Web presents 103 different cloud hosting programs that you can customize to your preferences. You can select from 1 – 8 CPU cores, 4 – 256 GB of RAM, 1,000 – 3,600 of SATA, SAS, or SSD storage space. The purchase price range for these cloud programs is $115 – $1770 monthly.

Dedicated Services
With dedicated hosting, you get your own personal server, which is Cloud hosted. This gives instant provisioning, high-overall performance servers, API access, and complete hardware transparency. You may also upgrade to private Cloud providers and obtain control over your very own cloud server, gives users much even more control. The dedicated servers also offer a complete guarantee of the network remaining up, 24 hours 7 days per week Sonar monitoring, Server Hardening, SSD Raid 1 primary drive and Usually their Heroic support services.

They provide 6 different servers where one can either select from 4, 8, 10, 12, or 14 core processors. Then you can certainly add more RAM, disk space, backups, os’s, cPanel, Plesk, auto-installers, even more, bandwidth, etc.

All in all, regardless of what degree of web hosting you want, it could be provided for you. The prices are greater than others, but as you will quickly learn your spending money on stability, support, and reliability

Research displays that support is excellent. Many great reviews from additional sites. Analyzed out their customer care. Found that they are excellent. Support is fast and incredibly helpful. Their 30,000 some other clients can attest to this. Constantly breath a sigh of reduction when clients use them.

Liquid Web Review Summary
Would I recommend them? Liquid Internet is solid. Liquid Web gives many features. You can include and remove features easily. They provide over 250 different programs to select from. So whatever your website needs Liquid Web will be able to deal with it. Their efficiency and uptime are solid. Customer support is fantastic. Wait occasions are low and tech support team is great. Their prices might switch off some webmasters. But the value will probably be worth it when you can afford it.

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