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iPage Review 2019 – Sounds Good, What’s the Catch?

Started in 1998, iPage powers over 1 million websites, and it is a well-known brand in WordPress hosting. With 24/7 support, 99.9% uptime, and 1-click WordPress install, iPage is a perfect place to start. You get a free drag and drop builder, free security suite, and everything else you need to build a successful website. On top of that, they are offering WPBeginner users an exclusive 83% off discount and a free of charge domain. This makes iPage the most budget-friendly web hosting provider on our list.

About iPage
iPage started in 1998 and steadily grew to become one of the top hosting companies. Today it powers over 1 million websites, in fact, it is a well-known brand in WordPress hosting.

iPage Review from Our Experts

iPage makes web hosting easy for budget-conscious website owners. Their simplified WordPress hosting plans are packed with plenty of features to grow your website. See our expert iPage review to decide if iPage is the right choice for you.
iPage offers feature-packed hosting plans for all kinds of websites. If you are just starting out, then their shared plans can be an attractive option for you.

In this complete iPage review, we will go through their promises and test their hosting. These are the areas we will look into:

Reliability: Will your website be available to usersm24/7/365 without any downtime?
Performance: How fast will your site load on iPage?
Customer Support: Can you count on their customer support?
Features: Does iPage offer all the tools and features you will need to build your website?
Pricing: Do they present the best pricing in the industry? Are there any iPage deals that can save you money?

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Bottom Line: Want to skip the details? Let us summarize the review for you. We found iPage to be a fast, reliable, and customer friendly hosting company.

That’s why we have chosen to recommend iPage as one of the best WordPress hosting companies.

Now let’s dive into our detailed iPage review so that you can see for yourself how we reached that conclusion.

Pros and Cons of iPage

Before choosing a web host for your website, you may want to carefully review their pros and cons. Here are the pros and cons of iPage that we learned:


First, let’s take a look at the advantages that make iPage the top choice.

Low-cost plans: iPage offers one of the most low-cost shared hosting plans in the industry, which makes them great for newbies, personal websites, and small businesses.
Customer friendly: iPage offers a wide range of tools and services that help customers easily build their websites and grow their business.
$500 Worth of Extras: You will also get free Google AdWords and Bing credits, free of charge YP.com listing, and Site Analytics Suite.
1-click WordPress Install: All programs include 1-click WordPress installation, unlimited databases, email accounts, storage, and bandwidth.

iPage is not without some disadvantages, here are a few that you may want to consider.

No cPanel: iPage doesn’t support cPanel which may be the most commonly used web hosting control panel used by most hosting companies. If you are used to the cPanel, then you may have a bit difficulty finding your way around.
No Monthly Billing: iPage doesn’t offer monthly billing for any of their shared hosting plans. If you need monthly billing then you will have to upgrade to VPS, WordPress hosting, or Dedicated hosting plans.
iPage Performance
Finding a better hosting company is all about finding the perfect balance between pricing and performance. You don’t want to end up with low-cost hosting and poor performance.

That’s why decided to run our own tests to properly measure the performance of iPage hosting.

iPage Speed Test Results

Speed is the most important indicator of a well-performing hosting service. No one likes slower websites, even search engines punish slower websites and reward faster websites with higher rankings.

Studies suggest, that a single second delay in page load can cause 11% less conversion and 7% fewer page views. Users don’t want to wait for a site to load when another site is just a few clicks away.

iPage Server Response Time
As you would know that content material on your website affects its page load time. For example, if a page has many images, then it will load slowly.

This also means that a normal speed test result will not accurately show how fast a server responds.

To test this we used another tool called Bitcatcha. It is different than other website speed testing equipment.

Instead of measuring the entire page load period, it ignores the content and information the server response time. It does that multiple times from different locations around the world to get average results.

iPage Hosting Plans and Features

iPage’s shared hosting programs are particularly attractive for beginners and new websites. However, they also offer VPS hosting, WordPress hosting, dedicated servers, and more.

Even if you want to start with a shared plan, it is good to know that you can upgrade your hosting plan mainly because your website grows.

Shared hosting: Shared hosting is the perfect plan for new websites with low traffic. With shared hosting, your website will be sharing server assets with other websites hosted on a single server.
WordPress hosting: Similar to shared environment plans, these plans are optimized for WordPress powered websites.
VPS hosting: An upgrade to shared hosting, VPS hosting allows you to share resources with multiple servers on a cloud architecture. This gives your site more room to grow.
Dedicated hosting: A whole server dedicated to your hosting needs. Dedicated hosting gives you powerful features and performance. It is suitable for high traffic websites or enterprise and large businesses. The downside is that you will have to manage the server yourself.
iPage’s shared environment plan may be the most attractive option for starter websites and smaller businesses. It is among the most low-cost shared hosting plan in the market and comes with a robust set of features.

Ad Credits and More
$100 Adwords Voucher! Start advertising your website instantly! You get $100 Adwords Voucher, $50 Yahoo & Bing Search Credit, $50 Facebook Ad Credit and Free Yellowpages Business Listing.
Free Shopsite! Award-winning ShopSite is one of the easiest-to-use shopping cart software for small to medium-sized businesses.
Wordpress at iPageWordPress: 1-Click WordPress installation and compatible servers.
Secure your Site with Sitelock – You can find and fix malware issues and keep your site free of errors with Sitelock.
Pretty standard stuff here for most of the top website hosts, but it’s still a very robust feature set. iPage.com offers unlimited space and MySQL databases (great news for people working with applications or CMS programs that need the ability to communicate with MySQL), and the extensive features keep rolling with the capacity to host unlimited domains with unlimited bandwidth all from the same account.

For anyone who’s looking to host more than a single website or managing a business that offers with website hosting, this is fantastic news that will save some bucks.

Easy on the Wallet
Have you checked the hosting prices recently? In my estimates, a hosting package goes anywhere from $3 to $50 a month on average. Now for a limited time, you can get your website up and running for a measly $1.99/month. That’s a no brainer even if you are on an extremely tight budget.

I usually recommend my clients to go with the most basic hosting plan they can find. My reasoning behind this is that if it’s a new project, after one year you will know if you should stick with the project or drop it.

If it proves to become a dead-end, at least you didn’t lose much money. If it’s a success, you can decide whether you need an upgrade or not.

I know this might sound harsh, but this is the reality. I had projects that proved to be failures, but then some of them had great success. So it’s always great to give your ideas a shot.

Reliability and Uptimes
This is mission critical – without solid reliability and uptimes you could offer the coolest feature set at a fantastic rate, but if people can’t get to your site because it’s down all the time or the servers are crashing, you’re going to be in a big pile of trouble.

It Happens
Like all other hosts sometimes hardware fails or there is an unforeseen problem that needs to be addressed, but for the most part, iPage has a solid uptime record and history. As I said, iPage is among the five hosting companies I have a long term hosting account with.

Awesome Control Panel
iPageLet’s get real – not every business owner has the period to dedicate to learning all about how web hosting and online technologies work and integrate. Most people are looking for a quick and dirty solution to getting a fantastic website up and running, making sales and making money – and if you fall into that camp, then you are going to love this little feature from iPage.com.

Website Settings
Here I’m likely to walk you through the control panel items.

The Website Section of the Control Panel

Under the FTP management panel, you can check your FTP details, create, edit and delete FTP users. You can set the default directory location too.

FileManager is only a simple little tool used to do the same stuff you can do via FTP, but without a client. That’s uploading and downloading files. You can create new files from scratch and edit existing ones as you like.

The Free 1 GB Cloud Storage item is simply a free offer for all iPage customers for JustCloud. It’s a service by EIG (owner of iPage and a bunch of other companies). I think they want to build something like DropBox. I didn’t try it yet, as I’ve all my storage needs covered. I might give it a try and post a review here in the future.

The Mojo Marketplace is what the 1-Click Installer is called at iPage. That’s a simplification because Mojo has more than that. It’s a marketplace connected to the 1-Click Installer. There is a lot of free of charge stuff up there, like themes, plugins, graphics & logos, and all kinds of add-ons. The installer is very simple, but if you need any help setting something up, Mojo also provides many solutions in this area.

The one called My Installs (SimpleScripts) is, in fact, the same thing as the Mojo market. It just shows you what is already installed on your account.

MySQL is a simple way to tap into the power of Structured Query Language. Mojo adequately handles creating databases when you use it to install your scripts. But if you are a power user, you can directly edit any field in the database.

I have not tried Shopsite because I like open-source stuff better. There are numerous open-resource alternatives with the same set of features. What speaks for Shopsite is usually that it’s integrated into iPage. That means that if you have any issue with your shop, support is definitely there for you personally. The disadvantage? It’s not free, and it locks you into your iPage contract. You cannot move your shop to another host, at least not as quickly as with an open-source solution.

Visitor Statistics may be the old-style statistics all internet hosts have. You can choose between Webalizer and AWStats. They are useful if you would like to see raw data. It’s completely useless when you want insight into conversion funnels, bounce rates, and the type of statistics that helps a webmaster to craft a much better website. For that, you can use Google Analytics or the open-source alternative Piwik.

Website Creator by CM4All and Weebly Drag and Drop Builder are quite similar. They let you set up simple but cool websites with no technical knowledge. I would personally go for WordPress (because it’s so cool, yeah), but that needs some maintenance, and you don’t get support (you do from the community).

A Couple Words about Security
I have already mentioned SiteLock. Well, that’s not really all you should be concerned about. If you have an e-commerce internet site with client data, then you will probably value 24 hours of on-site guards with closed-circuit television.

iPage Review For the Real Geeks
Now let’s check out some of the geeky stuff. iPage has multiple Gigabit and fiber-optic connections of diverse backbones. This ensures more than enough bandwidth for your website in a redundant way.

They have two strategically placed data centers. They are AT&T’s Global Crossing and Cable & Wireless’ OC48 / OC192 Global IP backbones. This and peering arrangements ensure a broad internet reach, bandwidth capacity, and performance.

The front-end network consists of redundant routers. Load balancers parse site data and then is managed by high-quality servers split into application pools like Web, FTP, SQL, Mail, etc. Here is an excellent overview of that:

iPage Hosting Architecture

Not cPanel, but Close Enough
They offer a killer control panel that takes all of the difficulty of running and administrating a website or fleet of websites completely out of the game. You’ll be able to do almost everything the most highly trained IT professionals can do, right out from the box without having to learn any of the commands or languages.

Conclusion: Is iPage the Right Choice for You?

After reading all these details, you might be wondering if iPage is the right choice for your website?

iPage offers probably the most low-cost shared hosting plans. If you are just starting out with a little budget, then iPage can be a great starting point for your website.

They offer all the tools you will need to build your site with reliable and fast servers.

Ready to start your website with iPage? Click here to select your iPage plan.

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