How legitimate are online paid surveys

Whenever you are sitting idle and have an idea to utilize your time by earning few bucks utilizing your free time the first idea which click your mind is to earn online. There are a lot of ways to make money online, some of them are easy and some of them are a bit tedious. One of the easiest option which you will come across is Online Paid Surveys. It seems that it is a piece of cake to money by answering only a few questions but it’s not that easy for a beginners as they don’t know how legitimate are online paid surveys?

There are surveys, every profitable company carries out surveys to boost the chances of the success of the product because hundreds of products and services are launched every day and the competition is so tough. As it is easy to recruit a specific target group of people online then offline so there is the need of legitimate online paid survey websites.

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So lets’ figure out that are online paid surveys a legitimate way to make money or they are just a scam. This is a fact that marketing research firms do pay consumers for surveys as surveys are a very efficient way to gain some useful insights about the consumers. There are many firms now who conduct online paid surveys via virtual paid focus groups, and some other marketing research. We will provide the names of some of the sites at the end of the article.
Let us see how the scamming works:

Scammers use scam, they will promise you to pay in hundreds of dollars but prior to it you have to pay a little amount like 35 dollars which is 35*63.5=2222.5 INR. The motive of scammers id to trick thousands of customers and earn this much amount. This isn’t a heavy amount if they do deliver whatever they promised but the vast majority of the online surveys are scams.

The situation become even worst when we come across the fact that a bunch of the ranking sites suffer the problem of middleman who are being paid by the survey companies for referrals. You may think that there must be an online tool that can filter the legitimate websites from illegitimate ones but there isn’t such a tool. So the summary of the story is that we need to identify the legitimate websites and avoid scams and middleman.
The question which will strike your mind is how to do that?

Let’s see some of the ways in which we can access the legitimate online survey websites:

Check if the website you are using have presence on social media or not :-

It is easy to fool people using a website but it is next to impossible thing if you are trying to do so on social media. News travels with an immense speed on social media and reviews on social media are in general genuine. You must check the Facebook page, twitter handle etc. and then trust a website if you are satisfied with them.

Never pay a signup fees or any kind of hidden charges to take surveys :-

Taking surveys should always be free, so you don’t need to pay because you are the one who is doing a service and providing them a valuable advice so they should thank you rather than charging you a membership fees.

Do check for a proof of payment:-

Many members from genuine online paid survey sites most of the tie shares the proof of their payment over the web. So if you are opting for a website for paid online survey one of the most effective method to check for its authentication is by googling the payment proof. If you don’t find it then go for other methods of authentication as either the website is new or they don’t pay.

Confirm the method of payment :-

If they aren’t disclosing the method or mode of payment then stay away from them as there are probable chances for that website to be a scam.

To conclude I can say that paid online surveys can be a very good source of income if you are looking to earn some extra bucks by working online but before that you need to be patient to understand how it works and filter the scam ones out of your list. It’s also important to learn that what you can earn and what you can’t earn as most of the websites provide goods, services, coupons, or samples rather than money. So prepare a checklist and tick every item before you choose to select a website.

List of some of the legitimate websites are:

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