Survey Club Review

Survey Club Review: Is it a Legit or a Scam? (Earn Up to $200)

Survey club review

Do you Know Survey Club has more than 16 million users in 6 continents? Do you know you can up to $200 by joining in their paid focus groups? Is it the one the best paid online survey site? Is it really pay money to its users? Let’s find out all these things in our Survey Club review.

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About Survey Club

Survey Club is a users-only survey site directory which has been in the online paid surveys industry since 2005. It claims to have 16 million users across 6 continents (but I doubt that active members are far far less than that number). If you’ve ever listened to Survey Club Research, it is a sister company of Survey Club.

Basically, you can get paid for completing surveys, applying coupons, doing product-testing, joining in research studies, etc. I don’t found find much information in there about us page. Their goal of helping people make some additional income joining in market research.

How to Make Money?

make money on survey club

Not unlike most of its opponents, Survey Club doesn’t offer huge compensation. On average, you will earn anywhere from 50¢ to $5 per survey. You will be paid more if you take longer surveys. But of course, you will unusually get these longer surveys. In other words, don’t expect this panel to pay your bills.

When it comes to focus groups, they are the rarest and most alluring earning chances. As per my Survey Club review, you will make a couple of dollars for them. But sometimes, they will pay even 100 bucks. I’ve even seen reports of complex clinical research studies that people did in exchange for a whopping $1,000. I can’t prove that since I never got such an offer. But nevertheless, I decided to mention that for the sake of full honesty.

Most survey panels are disreputable for the issue of eligibility, and this one is no different. If you only take their own surveys (up to six per day), you will immediately discover that it’s hard to qualify. Sure, there are other survey panels that they promote.


Additional Ways to Earn Money With Survey Club

Panellists on Survey Club can earn money in addition to taking surveys by:

Focus Groups: Focus groups are qualitative research panels that pay significantly more than online polls.

Participants are divided into groups and asked to provide their thoughts on products, services, ads, packaging, and other aspects of consumer behaviour and demands.

The hourly rate for focus groups varies between $50 and $200.

The following are examples of focus groups for which you could be recruited using Survey Club:

I) Focus groups through teleconference

ii) Focus groups with respondent moderators

iii) Mini focus groups were formed.

iv) What's more, there's an online focus group.

2. Pharmaceutical corporations may participate in clinical trials, which can pay up to $1,000 per participant. Clinical trials are frequently only available in specific cities, which is why it's so important to fill out your profile.

3. Bulletin boards on the internet.

4. Mystery shopping studies: Get paid to conduct in-person research, such as evaluating customer service at a restaurant, as a Mystery Shopper.
Taste-testing, in-home usage tests, and private panels are among the options.

5. Referral programme: When you refer friends to Survey Club, you can earn extra money.


Payment Info

The minimum threshold for Survey Club is $20, which is higher than many other survey sites. You can redeem with an Amazon gift card, Paypal, or a check, all of which you will get within 3 to 4 weeks from date of redemption.

PROS & CONS of Survey Club


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  • SurveyClub is an “agent” that lets you access a lot of various surveys, such as surveys that you would see on other websites on this list.
  • You can also register several survey panels which lets you get more surveys sent to your email, and these typically are ones that you qualify for.
  • You earn $1 for each person you invite.
  • Their customer service is much faster and more thorough than some other survey sites – even providing a phone number that you can call.


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  • When you sign up for Survey Club, you’re also allowed to get emails from their partners, and that can end up being a lot of spam mail.
  • You may give 15 minutes prequalifying for a survey just to be told you don’t qualify.

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Final Verdict:

Survey Club is one of the middleman survey sites. You don’t become a millionaire by joining it. It will help you to earn up to $50 a month. But I don’t recommend you to join this website. There are many best survey sites like Cinchbucks and Swagbucks. You can check out these GPT sites to earn a good amount of money. I hope this Survey Club review will help you.

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If you do happen to still have any further questions or comments though that you feel I haven’t covered then don’t hesitate to leave them below. As always I’ll do my best to answer your queries as soon as possible.



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