Points2shop Review Go Through This Before Signing Up

Points2Shop Review – Go through This Before Signing Up!

Table of Contents

  • Points2Shop Review – Go through This Before Signing Up!
  • How Points2Shop work?
  • How do you earn points on P2S?
  • Types of Redemption Methods & How exactly to Redeem them?
  • How exactly to Optimize Your Experience
  • How Much Can You Make On It
  • Is it possible to receive help?
  • Who may join up and participate, and which nations are eligible?
  • Final Thoughts

Points2Shop Review – Go through This Before Signing Up!


Established in 2007, the Points2Shop website could make you earn benefits for completing various online actions. These activities include registering for offers, surveys, and carrying out some tasks.


How Points2Shop work?

All you need is to subscribe using your email and activate membership with a link delivered to your email. Nothing like other study sites, there are no lengthy queries during the signup process.

Throughout your first login, you will see the interface somewhat overpowering and cluttered but don’t obtain threatened by this because it will cost most of your time and effort on the “Earn Points” web page. This page is normally a snapshot of the many methods for you to earn points on this website. It lists many links to trial gives, surveys, tasks, and much more. Check back upon this page every once in a while to start to see the offers or most recent surveys you can complete.

How do you earn points on P2S?

Points2shop review

You earn 250 points perfectly after you join P2S which is way beyond how many other survey sites give. There is absolutely no downtime for that.

The surveys are locations where you can earn the largest points. But as everybody knows, it’s not at all times you be eligible for these surveys, a characteristic also entirely on other sites. Pre-survey questions can take up the majority of your time but upon finding a couple where you may qualify, there is no method you cannot earn accumulated factors. If you believe that filling out surveys is usually boring, you can choose to do the offers.

Another way to earn points is by downloading the P2S mobile application or sending in referrals. However, the site’s referral scheme is not actually that rewarding. Some survey sites spend $5 – $15 per referral while P2S includes a more complex multi-tier referral framework which comes as an unreliable method of earning points for a few users.

You can even complete micro jobs at the site’s “Recurring Tasks” which works similar to Amazon’s Mechanical which makes users earn some pennies. Oftentimes, you have to be good at a particular level to be able to complete these tasks.

Aside from coping with points, there is a probability of earning actual cash by way of weekly lottery, month-to-month contests along referrals. Simply put, the easiest method to earn factors is to comprehensive surveys and register for various offers.

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Types of Redemption Methods & How exactly to Redeem them?

You can convert your money amounts to points or withdraw them to get cash. In the event that you get lucky and win in a few of its contests or lotteries, you can withdraw your winnings through PayPal, Dwolla, or inquire to have your check shipped by mail. The minimal threshold for withdrawal is definitely between $1 – $5.


How exactly to Optimize Your Experience

Once you join sites like P2S, there exists a have to stay organized. Analyze everything you enrolled in and know the guidelines. Some benefits of benefits could possibly be wiped out in case you are not careful like maintaining your credit card info from the site.

It really is highly suggested that you keep up a spreadsheet of the number of points, your date of subscription, and when free of charge trials will expire to be sure you don’t miss or lose anything or get penalized for one minute detail. This way, you may be in a position to optimize your encounter, and earning benefits will be sweeter. Another thing to bear in mind is to read 1st before joining.


How much can you make on it?


Before you join any survey or GPT site, you should know how much money you may make altogether.

It is dependent on a variety of factors. It is very dependent on where you live in the world, as different countries offer different options. Also, how much time you are willing to invest in Points2shop is a factor.

In general, you'll be able to make some extra cash on the side, but it won't be enough to make you wealthy or provide you with a full-time salary.

Points2shop no longer offers as many options as other survey and GPT sites I've tested and rated. And, because it does not offer a lot of earning chances, it can take a long time to generate money compared to some of my top-rated survey sites.

But at least you won't have to waste time figuring out how to use Points2Shop because it's a lot easier to use now than it was when it had a lot of different ways to earn.

Is it possible to receive help?


Points2shop does provide a support option that you may use, which is crucial for any platform in my opinion.

When I first signed up, I had to contact it myself due to a sign-up error. I did receive a response, although it took 4-5 days.

It's great to get a response, but quick support is critical for any service's credibility. According to what I've seen and heard from others, support is generally slow. Not a problem if you're patient, but you should be aware that you may have to wait a while for a response.

Who may join up and participate, and which nations are eligible?

They haven't made it obvious who can sign up for Points2Shop anymore.

However, in my experience, a panel like this accepts people from all around the world. The only way to know for sure if it's available in your country is to go to the platform and join up.

You merely need to be aware that the amount of surveys available varies greatly depending on where you live. The majority of changes will be in English-speaking countries, but there will be opportunities in other countries as well.


Final verdict

Points2shop is a legitimate survey website that may be used to supplement your income online.

But, in my opinion, it is not without drawbacks, so it may not be the ideal solution for you.

So, to wrap up our review, let's summarise the benefits and drawbacks of Points2shop so you can get a better picture before selecting whether or not to join:



  • You can join from a variety of nations. 
  • Exceptional benefits (Gift cards and PayPal) 
  • It's easy to use



  • There aren't many ways to make money. 
  • The payout threshold is quite high. 
  • There are a lot fewer methods to earn now 

Overall, Points2shop offers some earning opportunities and is not a rip-off.

However, it is significantly different from what it used to be, and it no longer provides many earning chances, and the layout threshold is much higher than it was previously.
On the plus side, the panel is now quite simple to use; simply join up and you'll have access to paid surveys.

However, it is not a really impressive survey site, and there are just better alternatives, in my opinion. So, if you want to make money from surveys and offers, I recommend looking into the finest sites in your nation.

That isn't to say Points2shop isn't looking for new business. However, in my opinion, there are many more sites that make it easier to earn money while also being a lot more fun to use, and you can get a list of these in your nation by clicking on the link above.

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