Panda Research Review

Panda Research Review

Panda Research Review [Updated: Aug 2022]

Panda Research is a company you've probably heard of if you've looked into making some additional money by taking paid surveys.

Is Panda Research, on the other hand, a legitimate survey site or a scam to avoid? Let me state right away that there are differing viewpoints on this subject.

That is why, in this Panda Research review, I will tell you all you need to know about the site, including what you can anticipate, the benefits, and the drawbacks, so you can make an informed decision about whether or not to join.

In my opinion, there are several things you should thoroughly consider before joining.

Table Of Contents

  • What is Panda Research and what benefit does it provide?
    • Option 1 – Panda Research surveys:
    • Option 2 – Paid offers:
    • Option 3 – Read emails:
    • Option 4 – Invite friends:
  • What method do you use to get paid?
  • What is the maximum amount of money you can earn?
  • Is it possible to utilise it on a mobile device?
  • Who is eligible to participate?
  • Final verdict: is it a scam or a genuine opportunity?

What is Panda Research and what benefit does it provide?

Panda Research has been around since 2005, and it is owned by A & A Marketing.

It appears to be a legitimate survey site at first glance. When you delve further, though, as I'll show you later, it does have some warning indicators.

But first, let's take a look at what it has to offer and how you may make money on it.

Option 1 – Panda Research surveys:

Panda Research appears to be a standard paid survey site where you may get paid to give your thoughts on a variety of topics at first glance.

If you go to the "My Studies" section after logging in, you can also discover some regular paid surveys. However, there aren't many actual surveys.

However, there are numerous opportunities in the "Available Surveys" section. That may seem perplexing at first, so allow me to explain how it works.

There are a lot of offers, as you can see in the image above, and they are presented as paid surveys. However, the majority of these are not genuine paid surveys.

Panda Research is compensated to promote a variety of promotional offerings. Some of these are sites like the Nielsen Panel, which you can see in the image above, where you may really get paid to provide feedback.

However, many of the offerings have nothing to do with paid survey sites and are not, in fact, paid surveys. Many of them are offers in which you could end up paying to sign up or being approached by a slew of advertising if you provide your information to, say, enter a free contest.

It's great to have sponsored offerings on a website, but what I don't like about Panda Research is that they aren't upfront about what you'll get.

All of these offerings are presented as paid surveys, however, they are not. This, in my opinion, is an obvious breach of trust and a deal-breaker.

You could come across a genuine paid survey on Panda Research every now and then, but you should be aware that the vast majority of the offers in their paid surveys section have nothing to do with paid surveys.

Option 2 – Paid offers:

Panda Research, as previously said, is primarily concerned with providing you with compensated offers rather than true paid surveys. These offers are actually shown to you throughout the sign-up process.

When you enter your email and are going to enter further information, you will see a preview of some of the platform's offers.

These are not, however, compensated offers throughout the sign-up process. If you join up for them, Panda Research is compensated to promote them. 

If you discover the proper ones, offers can be a terrific way to make money on survey sites.

I don't like it when sites, like Panda Research, push these offers early in the sign-up process. Furthermore, the majority of the offers have nothing to do with surveys.

One of the offerings on the example above from when I joined is for a free tax defence consultation - this, in my opinion, is clearly just a means for Panda Research to generate money by advertising the products they are paid to promote because it is unrelated to what most people sign up for.

Also, remember to read the terms and conditions if you sign up for any of the offers throughout the sign-up process. Unless you are willing to get a lot of advertising material, such offers are rarely truly free.

Once you've joined, you'll be able to search for offers that you can earn money for accepting. Again, check the terms and conditions before taking any of them so you know exactly what you're getting yourself into.

For example, I recently came across an advertisement for a work-at-home job (you can see it in the image from the survey section earlier in this review).
It appears to be a good deal at first glance, as you will be paid $30 to perform an evaluation.

However, with closer inspection, it becomes clear that this is an offer to avoid. It has nothing to do with a rating system.

It's for a get-rich-quick scheme that claims to pay you $500-$1000 each day with little work, which is a huge red flag because it's simply not possible.

And you don't have to assess it when you look at the circumstances. To receive your prize, you must first sign up for this programme and pay the registration fee.

The typical structure of such get-rich-quick schemes is for you to pay a tiny admission fee, but then they will pressure you to invest considerably more. As a result, accepting this offer may result in you losing money and spending a lot of time.

As a result, seeing Panda Research promote offerings like this so naively troubled me. They even try to make it appear like all you have to do is complete an evaluation, but in reality, you must purchase the programme in order to receive your reward. Unfortunately, my reservations regarding Panda Research do not end there.

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Option 3 – Read emails:

Panda Research Review

You can also make a little more money from Panda Research by reading their emails.
This will not provide you with large sums of money, but it may provide you with some extra cash.

Keep in mind that this is not your only source of income. Email earnings are limited to a maximum of $25 each payout. The balance must come from other sources of income (more about the payout options later).

Furthermore, the emails are commercial in nature, and you cannot opt-out of receiving them.

You can choose how often you want different Panda Research emails when you join up, as shown in the image above.

However, you can only select from daily, weekly, bi-weekly, or weekday options. There is no way to opt out of these emails, which I find irritating.

After signing up and testing my email address, I even tried not to confirm it because I didn't want to receive any offers from Panda Research after seeing what they had to offer.

However, I continued to receive regular emails. So, if you sign up, you should expect a lot of emails from them.

Option 4 – Invite friends:

You can also get money by referring friends to Panda Research. If a friend you refer joins, you will receive a ten per cent commission on their earnings. As an example, if a friend makes $50, you will receive $5.

They do not read the purchased emails, however. This will not be deducted from their account; instead, Panda Research will pay you as a thank you for referring someone else. Be aware, however, that you will not receive this money until your friend asks it.

This makes it a bad referral scheme — not only is the percentage low when compared to other survey sites, but you have to wait till the individual cashes out to obtain it, which makes it even worse.

Especially since the Panda Research payout level is fairly high (more on this later), there's a chance that many people will give up before ever reaching it.

Also, before inviting someone, double-check that you truly do endorse Panda Research. If you encourage someone to join and they feel like they are wasting their time, your friendship may suffer.

So, before inviting anyone else, make sure you test the platform and understand what you're getting yourself into.

Continue reading this review to learn all of these things, since there is a lot to learn about Panda Research before you join.


What method do you use to get paid?

On any survey site, how you get paid is crucial.

I must confess that I am not overly enthusiastic about Panda Research. It pays out in cash via PayPal, which I adore because it's such a convenient and quick way to get money.

This is Panda Research's only means of payment, which I think is fine.

However, you will not be paid until you have amassed a total of $50.

In comparison to most other survey sites, this is a relatively high reward threshold. Some of the fastest-paying sites pay you as soon as you make $1.

In comparison to most other sites, reaching the threshold on Panda Research will take some time.

Furthermore, many people have complained about not being able to retrieve their money once they have achieved the threshold — but more on that later.

But let me warn you right now about a major red flag when it comes to getting paid from Panda Research: they do not promise that you will be paid for the offers you complete according to their rules.

The terms further state that the basis for this could include, among other things, fraud, erroneous information, and so on.

It's understandable for any survey site to refuse to credit surveys or offers if there's been fraud or erroneous information provided.

In that sense, having this in the terms isn't that frightening. But when it says they can't guarantee the accuracy of the tracking method, I get a little concerned.

When you combine it with the rest of the material I discovered regarding Panda Research, I believe there is even more reason to be concerned.


What is the maximum amount of money you can earn?

Panda Research Review

Let me be honest with you: Panda Research isn't going to make you a lot of money.

It can be a good method to supplement your income, however even with the $3 welcome bonus, the site's numerous opportunities make it difficult to reach the very high payout level.

Also, before opting to try to achieve the threshold, you should read the part below concerning Panda Research concerns, since this is important information to understand before investing any time.


Is it possible to utilise it on a mobile device?

Panda Research Review

I always include a part about how easy it is to utilise a survey site on a mobile device because it is such a convenient way to do surveys when it is convenient for you.

Panda Research's website recently received a makeover (which it really needed), and it is now mobile-friendly and performs admirably.

If you opt to join Panda Research, you can use the site on your mobile device.
You will not be paid if you use your mobile device to confirm Panda Research's paid emails. They only give you credit if you open these emails on a desktop computer.

Who is eligible to participate ?

Panda Research is only open to people who are at least 18 years old and live in the United States.

You should, however, consider looking at many other survey sites before investing any time on Panda Research, in my opinion, because there are so many outstanding survey sites in the United States.

If you don't live in the United States, don't worry about it; instead, go here to see a list of the greatest sites in your nation.

In my experience, the majority of them will provide better opportunities than Panda Research.


Final verdict – scam or legit?

Panda Research appears to be a site where you can make some extra money. At the same time, it has a lot of red flags.

So, let's wrap up our review by summarising the benefits and drawbacks so you can get a better picture before selecting whether or not to join.


Panda Research Review

  • Joining is completely free 
  • Payments are made via PayPal.


Panda Research Review

  • Earning potential is limited. 
  • The payout threshold is quite high. 
  • There have been numerous complaints about not being paid. 
  • They do not guarantee to pay. 
  • Many of the offerings on the site are HORRIBLE.

Panda Research appears to be a legitimate site where you may earn some extra cash at first glance.

It does, however, include some obnoxious offers in the sign-up process, and there have been numerous complaints from those who claim they have not been paid from it.

There would not be much of a risk if it had a low payout threshold, making it straightforward to assess if you would actually get paid. However, getting to the threshold can take a long time, and if you don't get paid, you'll have wasted a lot of time.

When I consider that their conditions specify that they do not guarantee to pay, as well as the offers they have, I have to conclude that Panda Research is simply too hazardous to join and invest time on.

Why take the risk when there are so many wonderful survey sites with more earning options, lower reward thresholds, and a better reputation?



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