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Online Personal Shopper jobs: Make $500 Per Day For Shopping

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Do you want some extra money in your spare time? Are you looking for flexible working hours jobs? Do you love shopping for groceries? If so, you should become a personal grocery shopper. You will get paid for doing shopping.

By becoming a personal shopper, you can earn a good amount of money in your spare time. In this article, you will get to know about personal grocery shopping and personal shopper jobs and some tips at the end of this article.

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What is Personal Grocery Shopping?

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Sometimes people confuse personal grocery shopping with personal food delivery. In food delivery jobs, you have to deliver food from the grocery store or restaurant to the customer. You will be paid and responsible for delivering food parcels to the customer.

In personal grocery shopping, you have to shop for the items your customer needs. Customers will usually give you a particular list of what to buy, including desired brand names and the quantity of product. Your job is to visit the grocery store find all the specific items on the list and purchase them.

After purchasing the items as per the list, you have to deliver them to the customer. Personal shopper jobs include buying various stuff for the customer and delivering it to the customer.

Just think of personal grocery shopping like a full-service delivery service where buyers never have to leave their houses to go to the grocery store to purchase the groceries. This type of service is especially helpful for working families, disabled people, and elderly persons.

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Here are the best platforms where you can start your personal shopper jobs:-

1. Instacart:

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Instacart is such a platform that connects customers with shoppers to deliver fresh groceries to their doorstep. They have currently two job opportunities for In-Store Shoppers and Full-Service Shoppers. It's a really very great platform for personal shopper jobs.

You will get weekly pay and a flexible working schedule. If you work on peak days then you can maximize your earnings. Let’s see the difference between In-Store Shoppers and Full-Service Shoppers jobs to find out which one fits you.

Full-Service Shoppers

In full-service shopper’s jobs, you have to shop the groceries items of the customer and deliver it to the customer. It is an independent job where you get a flexible schedule. For these full-service jobs, you must have access to a vehicle because you will buy the groceries and deliver them to the customer’s doorstep.

Instacart offers its customers to access any preferred stores online. So, you will get the groceries ordered from anywhere. You have to accept these orders through the Instacart app, then buy and deliver the groceries to the customer’s home safely. Basic requirements for Full-Service shoppers are as follows:-

  • Must be 18year or 18+
  • Access to a vehicle
  • The driving experience of more than 2 yers
  • Lift 40lbs weight
  • Eligible to work in the United States
  • Access to a smartphone

In-Store Shoppers

In in-store shopper’s jobs, you have shop orders within a store only. You don’t need a vehicle to deliver the groceries to the customer’s doorstep. In this job, you have to only pick up the customer’s order, bag it for pick up and you’re done.

In Store Shopper

This job is suitable for those already involved in the grocery industry. The basic requirements of this job are the same as Full-Service shoppers, except access to a vehicle. It is best for part-time jobs and you can enjoy a flexible schedule by joining it.

2. Shipt

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Shipt is also one of the best personal shoppers' jobs platforms similar to instacart. It is an on-demand grocery delivery service. Its service is available in more than 72 cities. Shipt partners with retailers so that you have instant access to groceries and other items.

The company states you can make up to $25 an hour working for them. You will also get a flexible working schedule here. Here are some basic requirements to work with Shipt:-

  • Must be 18year or above
  • Access to a vehicle
  • Access to updated smartphone
  • Good product selection Knowledge
  • Valid vehicle insurance and U.S. driving license
  • Capability to lift 25+ lbs weight

In order to work with Shipt, you have to qualify for their in-depth interviews. In which their team will review your driving records, background checks, and vehicle inspections. They always looking for reliable people to both shops for groceries and deliver to their customers safely.

You can apply for personal shopper jobs at the ship by clicking the below button.

3. Favor

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Favor is the delivery service site that delivers more than groceries. Their delivery employees are better known as “runners”. They always look for those team members who are passionate about excellent customer service. Favor is the best delivery service with 50,000+ Runners in 100+ cities.

You never know what kind of stuff you might deliver. Runners are encouraged to think of themselves as personal assistants. Your every day will be different as a runner because you have delivered groceries to tacos or maybe even dry cleaning. Here are some basic requirements to work as a runner:-

  • Must be 18year or 18+
  • Access to a smartphone
  • Access to a vehicle
  • Clean background
  • Passionate to give the best services.

You will be paid an average hourly pay between $10 and $18 and also keep your tips. If you’re interested in working as a Favor runner, you have both part-time and full-time opportunities available. You have also the option to set up a schedule that fits with your lifestyle and weekly payment.


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4. WeGoShop:

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WeGoShop is a very unique and amazing platform that invites you to start your own personalized grocery delivery business. You can start a grocery shopping & delivery service business here. WeGoShop offers the two best business models:-

1. Exclusive Territory Associate Owner Plan(For an annual fee of $499)

  • Grant permission to use the WeGoShop platform, brand, name, logos, and other marketing materials.
  • Particular web page and exclusive grocery delivery ordering system maintained and hosted on the WeGoShop website and mobile app.
  • Completely secure up to 20 cities or towns (territories) that are not currently listed via our Grocery Delivery Areas. Buyers always order with you.
  • Access to the private back office and owner’s tools
  • Get access to Voicemail extension on our toll-free 1-877-WEGOSHOP number (limited to the United States and Canada)
  • Access to company email account
  • Join private WeGoShop owner’s Facebook group
  • Get Inclusion in our targeted, paid, social media advertising campaigns ​
  • Receive 1000 full color, printed business cards (limited to the United States and Canada)
  • Receive customized, graphic images ready to share on social media​
  • Get customized, ready to print marketing materials
  • Access to Live chat, phone, and email support​

2. Shared Territory Associate Owner(For an annual fee of $199) personal shopper jobs

  • Get permission to use the WeGoShop platform, brand, name, logos, and marketing materials.
  • Access an exclusive web page and exclusive grocery delivery ordering system maintained and hosted on the WeGoShop website and mobile app.
  • Safe and share up to 10 cities or towns (territories) that are not currently listed via our Grocery Delivery Areas or are listed but tagged with an * asterisk. Buyers always choose whom to order.
  • Receive customized, ready to print marketing materials
  • Get access to the private back office and owner’s tools
  • Access company email account
  • Receive customized, graphic images ready to share on social media
  • Join private WeGoShop owner’s Facebook group
  • Get access to Live chat, phone, and email support

It doesn’t charge any royalty payments or hidden fees. You don’t have to share your profit with the companies, all profits will yours. Once you pay your annual licensing fee, the rate for each following year is secured and will not increase as long as you renew yearly. Also, you have the right to terminate your term at any time.

5. FoodKick

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FoodKick is another company that delivers groceries, alcohol, and other stuff on the same day. Its headquartered in Brooklyn, New York. FoodKick is popular in New York to deliver a wide variety of grocery foods including fresh fruit & veggies and chilled drinks. As a FoodKick shopper, your task is to help in packing the stuff, checkout, and make sure the order is ready for delivery.

You can also get the advanced request to deliver groceries because the customer can order their items in advance. As a FoodKick shopper, you can earn up to $15per hour and choose your schedule as per your own comfort.

To become a FoodKick shopper, you must have a smartphone with clean background records. If you are from the Newyork then you will get most of the opportunities from FoodKick. You can apply below for personal shopper jobs at FoodKick.

 6. Burpy 

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Burpy is a new grocery delivery service that is growing day by day. As a Burpy shopper, your task is the same as delivering groceries to the customer. But the best of Burpy is that the company provides a special credit card to its shoppers to purchase stuff on the job. It will save your personal finances.

Usually, you can earn around $25 per hour plus tips as a Burpy shopper. The company allows you to choose your own hours to work. All the order details will be sent in your Burpy shopper mobile app. Here are some basic requirements to work as a Burpy shopper:-

join as burpy personal shopper jobs

  • Be 18 years or above
  • Must have a vehicle, license, and insurance
  • Have a modern smartphone (Android or iPhone)
  • Must be professional, reliable and detail-oriented
  • Must be capable to lift 30+ lbs

You can apply online for Burphy Shopper. After applying online, you have to pass a training session and attend an interview. After qualifying all these, you are ready to work.

7. TaskRabbit

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TaskRabbit offers its members to work as per their skill. You can also choose a personal grocery option and earn a good amount of money on the basis of your skillset. You can do the following things apart from grocery shopping:-

  • Home Repairs
  • Furniture Assembly
  • Mounting
  • Help Moving
  • Heavy Lifting
  • Painting
  • Yard Work
  • And many more

You can apply online by filling out the registration form and checking your email for an invitation to your Info Session. After getting the mail, attend a Tasker onboarding session in your city. By attending the session successfully, just download the Tasker app to accept your first job and start your earning.

The best part of TaskRabbit is that you can set your own hourly rate and charge whatever you feel is a good fit for the work. TaskRabbit will charge you 15% for each earning. You will get paid weekly, so you can enjoy your weekends.

Final Notes:-

Here are the best 7 personal shopper jobs platform. You can work as per your own schedule and get paid weekly. Basically, these jobs are often really best for those people who already have a primary income source, and want to earn some extra money in their spare time. Here are a few things you can do that might help you make more money as a personal grocery shopper.

  • Always shop for a quality product
  • Deliver your orders on time
  • Always pick good shape products
  • Be careful to deliver your orders safely
  • Try to be available at peak times for maximum earnings.

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Please, Let me know your opinions and experiences below with this article. I would love to hear from you. And don’t forget to bookmark this page for getting interesting articles. Have a good day!

If you do happen to still have any further questions or comments though that you feel I haven’t covered then don’t hesitate to leave them below. As always I’ll do my best to answer your queries as soon as possible.


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