Make Money With Focus Groups

Make Money with Focus Groups: The Ultimate Guide

Paid surveys are great to make extra money in the home. But, most surveys spend an average between $1 to $5. But if you would like to make additional money, Focus Groups are what you should look into.

Let’s get started…

Exactly what is a Focus Group?

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The average Focus Group lasting 20 minutes could make you $50 to $200!


Many research companies actively use focus groups to help expand their research.

Market research forms an intrinsic component of any fresh service or product launch preparations.

The companies do this to get a concept of what consumers think about their concept at different phases. Paid focus groups keep apart a particular portion of their cover compensating the participants. Focus groups are only closed discussions on the subject of any particular product or idea that’s about to be launched.

A focus group is basically some sort of qualitative research where a specific set of individuals have to answer questions about their opinions, perceptions, attitudes, and beliefs linked to any product, concept, idea, packaging, support, or advertisement even.

These questions are floated in a setting that’s highly interactive and encourages participants to talk and consult with fellow members.

The word ‘Focus Group’ itself was formulated by advertising expert and psychologist Ernest Dichter.

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How it Works

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A focus group is actually a conversation panel steered by a moderator where in fact the participating individuals have to air their emotions and opinions about different services and products.

The concerned product could be anything that ranges from vodka, anti-aging creams, migraine medication to actually holiday bread and cellphone solutions.

Generally, a focus group is conducted in an area reminiscent of conference rooms yet including a two-way mirror, which may be the area designed for the people in the back of the product/service (owner or representative).

Basically, the marketer is thinking about knowing the motivation behind any kind of purchase by the customer.

And almost every right time, the proceedings in a focus group are recorded to facilitate analysis through playback down the road.

Throughout a focus group gathering, which typically lasts around a few hours, participants must perform different jobs like creating advertisement mockups of an example product, drawing an image, or even writing a brief essay.

Sometimes, they are also asked to go over the possible titles for a however unnamed and publicly withheld item.

Also, the focus group has a tendency to keep carefully the nature of the item/service from participants till the end as otherwise, there exists a danger of the panel creating a bias of some sort.

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Recruiting Participants

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The participants for a focus group are chosen from the targeted demographics.

For instance, for a focus group concerning anti-aging solutions, the marketer knows it needs to cater to a particular segment of women, i.e. older ladies and baby boomers, women to whom wrinkles and lines certainly are a cause for concern.

Research has recently provided the marketer with information regarding the common incomes of their intended target audience and their respective spending patterns.

Focus groups benefit even more from spirited and live people because they make for a fascinating discussion panel and therefore, avoid deciding on reserved or shy participants.

A screening procedure involving a round of particular questions over the telephone is additionally used to finalize the individuals.

All this is done to find the typical and ideal customer for a particular product/service.

All qualified individuals are invited to be part of the group, which often features between 8-12 people.

Sample Questions

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The types of questions that are asked in a focus group vary wildly from group to group and the product/service that’s being evaluated.

However, to obtain an idea, here are a few sample questions that are often common in most focus groups:

What’s the first thing in your thoughts when you hear about XYZ?

Which problems and issues do you associate with product/brand XYZ?

What bothers you about XYZ?

What brands may you think of?

What’s the best thing in regards to a product X according to you?

Would you take into account buying/using X in the future?


After the discussion gets over, individuals are compensated through a stipend. And based on the focus group’s spending budget and also the product/service in question, the compensation can be through checks or even in the type of the product itself.

The normal compensation you get ranges between $20-$350 or even higher based on a session’s length.

Difference Between INTERNET SURVEYS & Focus Groups

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An enormous difference between focus organizations and paid surveys may be the amount of pay!

Focus Groups offer a higher settlement (usually)

For paid surveys, you are compensated ranging from $1.5 for a 10-minute survey to even up to $50 for a 30-minute survey.

For focus groups, the price of pay is very high. Normally, a 30-minute concentrate group program nets you around $50. For sessions lasting till the two 2 hour tag, compensations of near to $210 are routine.

Focus Groupings are conducted in true physical places (this is true for some occasions)

While a couple of are conducted online, most of the focus organizations are held offline in conference areas owned by the researching companies.

Unlike paid surveys, where one can answer and generate income with surveys from any location, focus groups need to have their participants be regional residents because they are conducted in actual locations the majority of the time.

After all, there may be the sense in driving 5-6 hours to attain a focus group and become paid $50 for the same!

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Finding Local Studies to Take part in

When scouting for focus group businesses, understand that these discussions are mainly held offline, i.e. in real places.

As such, you must decide on an organization that conducts such focus groupings in your vicinity.

Information about the same can always be obtained from sources like Craigslist and

Finding legitimate Focus Groups is definitely harder

This is a stark difference as although the web is filled with deceitful and illegitimate paid survey sites, you can still have the ability to find the good ones because they have a tendency to promote themselves constantly.

However, this is a thing that focuses group companies usually do not perform. Because of having less such active online advertising, it’s much harder to find legitimate focus groups.

10 Legit Paid Focus Groups

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Below are brands of some popular and reliable businesses that conduct focus groupings for the intended purpose of market research:

1. FocusPrintOnline

Has a focus group existence in Dallas, Manhattan, Philadelphia, Chicago, Boston, St. Louis, Atlanta, London, SAN FRANCISCO BAY AREA, Frankfurt, and Paris.

2. Delve

Provides focus group services in St. Louis, MO; Appleton, Chicago, IL; Columbus, OH;

WI; Atlanta, GA; Phoenix, AZ; Kansas Town, MO; Dallas, TX; Minneapolis, MN; LA, CA; Seattle, WA; Philadelphia, PA.

3. FieldWork

Has focus groups within Minneapolis, Seattle, Atlanta, Dallas, Boston, LA, Fort Lee, Westchester County,

Atlanta, Denver, and Phoenix.

4. Pragmatic-Research

They offer internet surveys as well apart from in-person focus groupings in St. Louis, MO.

5. 2022 Research

The business offers in-person focus groups in Charlotte and Nashville, NC from online bulletin boards and focus groups featuring chat capabilities apart.

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6. Awres

Has focus groups obtainable in Chicago, Los, and il Angeles, CA.

7. Cosvc

Boasts of focus organizations in Spokane, Salt Lake Town, Boise,

Chicago, Seattle, and Portland.

8. Shifrin-Hayworth

It conducts studies that include 1 in 1 interview, focus organizations, and telephonic interviews. The spend is generally between $50 and $250 for durations of 30-120 a few minutes.

9. AskMiami

Has focus group existence in Miami, Florida.

10. Atkins Research INC

Focus groups based in LA, CA.


Making a living by taking part in focus groups is simply not possible.

However, getting paid for your opinion isn’t a bad way to make money. Because of this, you need to utilize any earning opportunity via concentrate groups that display themselves to you.

Focus group income won’t replace the amount of money you earn from your regular work. However, this does not imply that one can’t earn great money by taking part in focus groups. You can actually!

As points stand, there are loads of individuals out there making decent levels of money when you are panelists in focus groups.

Many more earn an even where in fact the income equals that created from conventional part-time jobs. But that is also what lengths you’ll have the ability to stretch this money-making avenue.

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