Flipping Mobile Phones

Flipping Mobile Phones: Best side hustle (Earn Up to $3000)

Do you know you can make some extra money by just flipping mobile phones? Would you know that flipping mobile phones are a legitimate side hustle? I’ve been flipping mobile phones over the 3 years and will explain to you that it is worth making some extra money.

The best part of flipping mobile phones is you can do this as per your time and whenever you want. Here I will explain everything you need to know about flipping mobile phones.

The mobile brands come out with new models every year so what do people do with their old phones? They sell them! Flipping the mobile phones is a way to resale the old mobiles to another. It is a great way to make money and help others get freed from their old phones. It’s beneficial for everyone who is involved in this.

3 years ago, I had started flipping mobile phones to bring in $2500 a month of extra revenue. I had much more extra time to consecrate on finding phones and then selling them at that time. It can be a time-consuming process to find mobile phones and then find buyers.

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Why Mobile Phones?

people using mobile- flipping mobile phones

The majority of readers of Flipping Earnings are on their mobile phones and no doubt smartphones are the best device to browse the internet today. It’s unusual to think only 12 years ago, there were no iPhones at all.

Mobile phones are very important to society today, upgrading your iPhone or Android is no longer a hassle like it was before. People are changing their mobile phones as per the market’s technology. Everyone wants the iPhone X instead of the iPhone 6.

How to Make Money By Flipping Mobile Phones?

The method of making money by flipping the mobile phone is easy. You have to buy mobile phones at a cheaper price and sell it at a higher price. You need expertise and practice to make a profitable flip. All businesses are set up with this concept “Buy Low, Sell High”.

Discover how to apply this concept and work for yourself by buying mobile phones and selling them for a higher price to make a profit.

How Do I Flip Phones?

  1. Find a mobile phone on Gazelle and Craigslist
  2. Check out the market price of the phone online at eBay or Amazon
  3. Get the phone at a cheap price
  4. Check the mobile to make sure it isn’t a stolen phone by checking the serial number or IMEI
  5. Sell the phone online at eBay or Amazon for a higher price

Tips for purchasing the best phone:-

  • Verify to make sure it has an original IMEI or serial number
  • Make sure the mobile phone is not currently under agreement or financing (IMEI/ESN checkers should show these details)
  • Do not buy “jailbroken” mobile phones – those that have been hacked by hackers.
  • Make sure the trader has turned off security features such as Find My iPhone
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flipping mobile phones

Which phones are the most profitable?

The last thing you want to do is buy used phones you can’t instantly resell for a profit. That’s why most flippers deal with iPhones: they’re always in demand, there’s always a steady supply, they’re easy to get, and they offer enough opportunity for profit margins. Buy and sell iPhones to decrease risk while you study the ins and outs of the industry.

Once you’ve learned about iPhones, consider increasing your profits by adding other phone models. Samsung’s Galaxy series phones are popular on the resale market, for example.

samsung galaxy  mobile- flipping mobile phones

Never minimize the value of profit margins. Just because you can buy a mobile for less than you can sell it doesn’t mean it’s the best deal. For example, if you can buy a phone for $50 and sell it for $100, you’ll only make $25 for your time. If you spend three hours negotiating your purchase, taking your phone, listing it for sale, and passing it to the buyer, that only amounts to $10/hour.

Do research to find out which phone models give good profit margins. Over research and time, you’ll get a good understanding of which models are the most profitable.

Some tips to get the best deal:-

1. Have some funds set aside for the trade

To start a flipping mobile phone business, a specific amount of funds is required. The amount should not be that much, but it should be something essential in order to get the primary requirement for the business. You need some extra funds to get a good deal whenever you want.

2. Do your market research

It is very necessary that you understand which used mobile phones are selling in the market and their values. You can visit local mobile shops to know about available refurbished mobile phones. Calculate a list of what they are pricing for trending phones and take note of the number they have for each type of phone. This will surely give you some suggestions about their popular mobile phones in your neighborhood.

You must also decide on your target market. Are you dealing with youths, teenagers, civil servants or salary professionals, students, etc? You should also visit tech conferences or better still, carry out a review to find out what phone is most popular among your target market in order to get the best deal.

3. Learn the specifications of the phone

One essential suggestion to buy and sell used phones is to learn the features of the phone well. What this means, in reality, is that you must be technology preferred or oriented. It would be more comfortable to sell a used mobile phone if you can describe its features to your buyers.

Customers would also have always questions about the phone’s features, so be sure to prepare the describe the correct answers.

You also need to identify the features of a used phone before buying one to decide whether the phone will be easy to market or not. You can ask about the features from the dealer or you can research the phone’s features and specs over the web.

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4. Estimate the price

Another essential tip on how to buy and sell used phones is to estimate the price. When purchasing a used old phone, make sure that you are getting the best price and quality deal especially since you are thinking to resell it later. Make sure that you will still make a good profit when you resell the used old phone.

5. Find the best supplier

Online classified websites such as Craiglist, eBay, and are the option to find the best supplier in your region. Do not spend more than what you think you can resell the phones for. Note that you can market used cell phones for what local shops can market.

Apart from this, you can also visit your local pawn stores for old cell phones. Pawn stores are good spots to buy items with the purpose to resell them, as they always pay less to buy things to start with. Commonly, they will sell them to new customers for half of the initial retail prices.

6. Check for cracks

Old utilized phones sometimes have defects like screen cracks or hardware issues that could affect the price. Do not buy a used phone with main defects like a cracked screen because this will be too costly to repair and you may end up with a broken mobile phone that nobody wants to purchase. It is better to buy the phone personally than online so that you can thoroughly check the status of the phone.

flipping mobile phones - crack edmobile

7. Make sure that the mobile phone is not stolen

Never buy a stolen mobile phone. Always assure that the phone is original. You can also ask for an original bill while buying. To verify the mobile, you can also check the IMEI or serial number. You can do all these things online and free of cost.

8. Use clear languages

It is essential that you give a clear explanation of the specific model and condition of the mobile phone and the amount which you want it to be sold. Don’t neglect to provide your customers with a description of marks on the screen or any other problems with the phone.

The best marketing tool for this kind of business is the word of mouth and customer satisfaction. Always sell a genuine product instead of stolen or fake.

9. Promote your business

People always sell more expensive phones such as iPhones and Blackberries this way, as there is normally a little fee to place the advertisements. Online classified websites like Craigslist do not charge any fee, and most of the customers will come to you to buy the items.

Always go for free classified sites. You can also take the help of social media platforms to promote your sales.

10. Always be prepared for the downside

As a learner or novice in this business, it is necessary that you will end up buying dead phones or very low-quality phones at the beginning stage. This is a certain loss as it will help you gain more expertise in the selection of the best mobile phones and pricing of used mobile phones. You can minimize the impact or loss occurring from this risk is to discovering how to fix defective mobile phones.

Final notes:-

My alt text

Finally, flipping the mobile phone is a profitable business. This is a business that requires great influencing skills. It will be a profitable business if you get the best deal while buying mobile phones and selling them at a higher price. Please follow the above tips in order to get the best from flipping the mobile phone business.

Please, Let me know your opinions and experiences below with this article. I would love to hear from you. And don’t forget to bookmark this page for getting more money-making articles. Have a good day!

If you do happen to still have any further questions or comments though that you feel I haven’t covered then don’t hesitate to leave them below. As always I’ll do my best to answer your queries as soon as possible.


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