Cinchbucks Review

Cinchbucks Review [Updated: 2022]

Cinchbucks 2022 review

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Cinchbucks Review (Earning potential up to $800/month.)

The survey website people are crazy about and that keeps on offering new survey opportunities.

We have been using Cinchbucks since the day we started taking surveys.

Wouldn’t you do a survey at home just sitting, or in your spare time? That is easy income for daily expenditures or something else.

Cinchbucks is very straightforward and simple. All you need to do is fill out the demographic questions(User profile) honestly to figure out the studies you will be qualified for and begin getting surveys. That’s it.

cinchbucks earnings


The very best, and by far, the most spoken about thing about Cinchbucks is that they have some of the top-paying surveys.

You know the best part about cinchbucks ?

They pay good money for referrals.

For every survey your referrals complete, you earn 30% of your referral’s income for a lifetime which is incredible.

And that’s not the end…

Even though these days We don’t have the time to do a lot of surveys, We still get a few checks a year ($50 -$100) from Cinchbucks thanks to the dozen or so people who We had referred back in my early days.

So once you sign up for the website be sure to click the “Referral” tab (top right side of your user dashboard,) get your exclusive referral link, and invite your friends and family to register using that link.

Why sign up?

Rewards per survey range in value from 50CBs to 5,000 CBs per survey based on duration and subject of the survey. (100 CB= $1). We have had a lot of $5 and $10 surveys with them. So this one is a must-use website.

The more you complete surveys, the more rewards you get and the extra points you get. Those are extra rewards on top of extra advantages.

Test out and own new products for FREE.

This website is super simple to use. Create a Cinchbucks account now before sign-up closes and start generating hundreds of dollars each month and FREE goods.

Why it is different from any other survey site and why do we love it?

Cinchbucks is actually a needle in a haystack. It also ranked no 1 survey or cashback site of 2017 & 2018. It appears above the rest and here is why:

Enough rewards Option: The more you take surveys, the more benefits you get through its Loyalty program. You will not see that anywhere else.

More points: Earn additional points for studies completed on top of the factors you receive from taking those surveys. That is the advantage of taking surveys.

Time: Cinchbucks values your time. If you are disqualified, you would know it right away. We can not say the same thing for other folks.

Min Threshold: $10 Paypal, $10 Payza (And gift cards min threshold keeps changing, we have seen $5 as minimal for amazon cards).

Final Verdict

Cinchbucks is a legitimate website where you may earn some additional cash, not a scam. However, this does not imply that it is the best solution for everyone.

So, let's wrap up our review by summarising the benefits and drawbacks so you can determine if it's right for you.


  • Multiple ways to earnpros
  • Free to join
  • Available in most countries
  • Multiple reward options


  • Certain options only available in some countriesMy alt text
  • You have to be aware of what you are saying yes to in the cashback section


Overall, Cinchbucks offers a good number of earning options, and it is undoubtedly a site where you can make some additional money.

It may take some effort to find the surveys that you qualify for, and you must be cautious in the cashback part so that you do not agree to terms that you are not aware of.

However, the site is really straightforward to use, has a low payment threshold, has nice reward options, and is available in most countries, so it is definitely worth trying.



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