Are you free at home or want to work more without visiting any place??

Then yes this is for you to make money with online surveys. Let us take a look for the benefits of the online surveys for money:

  • No need to visit door to door for the data collection
  • No need to manage your time according to the other people
  • Online surveys can reduce your cost
  • You can find number of respondents
  • These surveys are more accurate than the traditional surveys
  • Users can analyse quickly

With these benefits you can get money online very easily.
There are many examples of paid online surveys. Where you can make money and there are many companies which paid for the online surveys.
Just be ready with your bank accounts with laptop or smart phones to get paid on daily or monthly basis. Now surveys are not boring just take a look below to check the paid online surveys.


This site is very popular for the online surveys, where the users can get online money as well as some gift cards also. Here is very interesting thing where you can win the points while add products in your shopping cart from your regular or favorite retailers or online shopping sites.
Another part of this site is you can get the points with answering the questions of the online surveys for money.
Most of the students prefer this site because this site provides the points for watching videos and for playing the games. Users can earn 2.40 dollars an hour.

You just need to give your feedback for the products and services. For the feedback this site is providing the rewards to you. Here you can get the Amazon vouchers, free goods and some other lucky draws.
Here you can collect the points to get the price vouchers. Visit the site and sign up for the points.
Many leading companies are giving the rewards through the Toluna and as you can check above Amazon is one of the leading company.

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This is very interesting site where you can get the points for signup only. Visit the site for the signup and get bonus. Here you can get the cash or paypal rewards with the surveys of press and popular brands.
Here you can answer very quickly without wasting your time and you can choose your favorite celebrities for the surveys. Get bonus and also refer your friends for the points and you can withdraw your money from your paypal or bank account.


They send the money within 24 hours in the paypal account after the surveys.
For this what you have to do is just visit the site and sign up. Here are some steps to get the cash via this online paid survey.
Signup first and record your introduction video for your profile and answer the questions quickly.
Select the surveys from your profile wall and you can choose the answer options according to you.
Depends on your answers if you want that the researcher should invite you for the paid online surveys.
Then you have to answer only 7 parts with the visual option from your device whether it is your smart phone, tab or your laptop.
Get 10$ for the each question.
You don’t need to wait for the money or you don’t need to put the request. You will receive your money into your paypal account within 24 hours.


This site is paying the highest amount of surveys via check. Users can get via direct or indirect referral. You just have to get the referral link and invite your family or friends to join the site. Then you will get the payments for your work.

Pinecone Research:

This is the site where the viewers cannot signup and they are not accepted directly. If you are invited then you will get pay. Only the person can complete the survey if you have an invitation link and you will get 3$ automatically.

Parent Speak : Survey site for parents:

This is new survey site if you are parent then this is especially for you. It is Chicago based company where the parents can start from 10$. Here the parents will go through the surveys relating to the goods like food, enjoyment things, clothes, automobiles etc.
These are some online survey sites for easy money making. Visit the sites and get instant money.

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