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Are Online Paid Surveys & Companies Legitimate? (Save from Scam)

Are you annoyed by scam survey sites? Are you looking for legitimate survey sites? Whenever you are sitting idle and have an idea to utilize your time by earning a few bucks? Utilizing your free time the first idea which clicks your mind is to make money online. There are various legit methods to make money online. Some of them are easy and some of them are a little difficult. One of the easiest options which you will come across is Online Paid Surveys. It seems that it is a piece of cake to make money by answering only a few questions. But it’s not that easy for beginners as they don’t know how legitimate online paid surveys are?

There are surveys, every successful company carries out surveys to increase the possibilities of the success of the product. It is because hundreds of products and services are launched every day and the competition is so tough. As it is easy to recruit a specific target group of people online than offline so there is the need for legitimate online paid survey websites.

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So lets’ find out that are online paid surveys are a legitimate method to make money or they are just a scam. This is a fact that most of the marketing research companies do pay its customers for surveys.

As surveys are a very effective way to get some useful insights about the customers. There are several firms now who conduct online paid surveys via virtual paid focus groups and some other marketing research. We will provide the names of some legitimate online paid survey sites at the end of the article.

Let see how the scamming works:-

Scammers use scam, they will promise you to pay in hundreds of dollars but prior to it, you have to pay a little amount like 10 dollars. The purpose of scammers id to cheat the users and earn this much amount. This isn’t a huge amount if they do deliver whatever they agreed but the vast majority of the online surveys are scams.

best legit survey sites

The situation becomes even worse when we come across the fact that a bunch of survey sites. It suffers the problem of a middleman who is being paid by the survey companies for referrals. You may think that there must be an online medium that can filter the legitimate survey websites from illegitimate ones but there isn’t such a medium. So the purpose of the article is that we need to identify legitimate survey websites and avoid scams and middleman.

Ways to Check legitimate online paid surveys websites:

Check Review Sites

One of the best ways to check legitimate survey sites is by visiting online review sites. One of the most popular review websites is TrustPilot and sitejabber. You can check the survey site reviews and ratings by visiting these websites. They have only genuine reviews that are shared by the users. By visiting these reviews sites, you can see the ratings and read the reviews of the survey site.

Check survey site reviews

Reviews are one the best to know all about any survey website. You will find various survey reviews sites across the web. You will also check our survey section to know the honest survey reviews of all popular survey sites. Survey review sites explain each and everything about the survey which includes:-

  • About the survey company
  • How can you sign-up?
  • How does the survey site work?
  • Earning opportunities of the survey site?
  • How can you be paid?
  • Final Verdict

Check social media presence

It is very easy to fool people using a website but it is next to impossible things. If you are trying to do so on social media. Every legitimate website has a social media presence. Just check the Instagram Page, Facebook page, twitter handle, etc. of the website. Also, check their posts and no. of followers, the more followers show the site is old and genuine. After verifying these, you may trust the survey website. But Stop only social presence is not enough for the verify the website.

Don’t pay any signup fee:-

Legit survey sites never ask you to pay a fee or any joining fee. Taking surveys should always be free, so you don’t need to pay because you are the one who is doing service and providing them valuable advice so they should thank you rather than charging you a membership fee. If any website asking you to pay to take surveys then it might be a scam.

Search for a proof of payment:-

Most of the legitimate survey sites users share proof of their payment over the web. One of the easiest ways to check the payment proof is to search on google to find the payment proof. If the survey website is legit then you will find various payment proof results. If you don’t find the payment proof then it may be a scam. But sometimes, it also means that the survey site is may new.

looking for legitimate online paid surveys?

Check the method of payment:-

Every legit survey website discloses its payment method. If they aren’t disclosing the mode of payment then stay away from them as there are likely chances for that website to be a scam. Most of the legit sites also disclose the total payment amounts to its users. Mainly survey sites pay its users by PayPal, Payza, Check and various gift cards.

Don’t share your privacy:-

Mainly legit survey sites don’t share personal information or not to share it without your consent. It’s the research industry by which legitimate marketing research firms are bound. But many association sites reviewed don’t make either consent or do so only in a limited.

Are you earning a few extra bucks, sweepstakes, and other rewards that are worth? The trouble of exchanging with probably privacy attacks that offer nothing for your time. Before you sign up, think about these tips for protecting your privacy online, so you don’t risk your privacy for a few extra money. Also, never share your any Confidential information with any survey site.

List of some of the legitimate online paid surveys websites:-

Here are a few legitimate online paid survey sites. These sites are very popular and have millions of users worldwide. You can easily trust and join these sites:-

Final Notes:-

I can surely say that online paid surveys are a very good source of extra income. But you have to choose only the legitimate online paid surveys site which is worth to join. So always keep the above ways in mind to check legit survey site before you choose a website.

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